Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Shrimp & Chorizo with Chimchurri

I have been dreaming and drooling about making shrimps and chorizo sausages since I found the chimichurri recipe in Food & Wine magazine a while ago. I finally wrote about the chimichurri (and doesn't it just make you think of Mary Poppins - the movie with Dick Van Dyke singing "chim, chiminey, chim, chim, charoo"? Sorry, I couldn't resist) last week when I made chicken and flank steak. That was delicious but I still had visions of shrimp and chorizo sausage kebabs dancing around my head.

I looked in my freezer and found some ground beef, more boneless chicken breasts, chicken stock and chicken bones for the next time I make soup, spaghetti sauce, frozen rhubarb and some sundry other things .....but no shrimps. So I thought I'd use some of the chimichurri to make an interesting meat loaf.

It worked quite well adding some kick to the meatloaf. But I didn't add any bread crumbs - thinking South Beach Dietand so it was quite dry since there was nothing to soak up all the juices that escaped into the pan. I've made some changes to the recipe below by adding oatmeal so your's won't be as dried out as ours was.

Finally yesterday I bought some gorgeous jumbo shrimp and married them with some chorizo sausages (I always have some in the fridge. They make a great fritatta and pasta (just replace the chicken with chorizo) when you don't know what to make. Add them to sauteed mushrooms and onions and you've got a hit meal on your hands). Where was I? Isn't it amazing how I can get so sidetracked by other things to do with ingredients even when I'm actually writing about one dish?

Anyway....back to the best dish ever.... shrimp & chorizo kebabs on the BBQ served with a baked sweet potato that worked so well to cut the spiciness of the chorizo and chimichurri. This is definitely one dish I plan on making over and over again this summer. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


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s'kat said...

Woots- chim-chimmery-ree! Looks delish.