Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dinner at Arlene's

Just because I'm not cooking does not mean that I'm not eating well. Last night my cousin Arlene whipped up an awesome dinner with the help of Martha Stewart and The Barefood Contessa. The photos are less than stellar because I was so caught up in the evening, I forgot to take any until the food was half gone. Of course the pitcher of Sangria she made, might also have contributed to the blurry factor.

(the photo on her page is gorgeous)

Roasted Carrots & Shallots
from Everyday Food (another Martha enterprise)

Cauliflower Salad
(you'd think you were eating potato salad). I'm not sure where she got the recipe from.

Creme Brulee
I'll try to get the recipes for you, but it may take a while. I'm still caught up in last minute details before my flight to Halifax on Thursday.

Tonight's dinner will be at One of A Kind Pasta. That will be my contribution to this week's Presto Pasta Night. What's yours? It's really easy to join in the fun. Just click here to find the details.

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Sara said...

One of a Kind Pasta sounds like a great place. That menus got my hungry now! Good luck with the move Ruth, glad to hear everything is going well so far. I am looking forward to learning lots about Halifax once you are settled in!

Ruth Daniels said...

Looks like I'm going to have to save One of a Kind Pasta for a Toronto visit. Time seems to be against me!

I am looking forward to discovering Halifax and sharing all my food adventures.

breadchick said...

I love the BFC in Paris Creme Brulee! It is about my favourite recipe for it. I so completely understand the separation anxiety from one's pots and pans but can't wait to see what you cook up in Halifax. Safe travels!