Monday, April 10, 2006

More South Beach Diet Friendly Recipes - Mediterranean Style Meatloaf

A few days ago I mentioned that I tried the South Beach Diet meatloaf and that although I loved the ketchup, I found the meatloaf bland. So I went back to my old standby version with a little South Beach twist. I substituted oatmeal (not the instant or quick kind) instead of breadcrumbs to my very flavorful version. It gave it substance, and didn't mask the flavors. I call it "Mediterranean" because I use lots of garlic, lemon juice, parsley and oregano - all of which make me think of Greece and Italy. It was perfect for the sunny day we had here. I felt like I was on some Riviera or Greek island - at least until I opened my front door and felt some of that cold - and very Toronto wind! Still the crocuses are blooming on my street, my lilac tree is starting to bud and the meatloaf was tangy and bursting with springtime flavor.

As for sides, I made my newest staple - mashed cauliflower. It tastes great and is one of the few things that don't taste like a substitute. Don't get me wrong, I'm sticking to this diet (although I seem to be stuck at 6 pounds lost). And really - whole grain bread may be better for you and there are many kinds out there so you don't have to get bored eating the same old thing every day - but challah it's not! Oops - didn't mean to rant... I also served yellow beans with some germolata (a mix of finely chopped Italian parsley, minced garlic and lemon zest).



MM said...

Hey Ruth, just wanted to let you know I posted the pictures for the latkes!

Ruth said...

Thanks for sharing the journey with your readers.

From looking at your photos - the zucchini ones look especially great - I think the reason (other than the East vs West spice issue) is that the sweet potato itself seems very different - (yours/mine). Anyway, thanks for being a great recipe tester. Your feedback was great.

Ivonne said...

That meatloaf looks great, Ruth!!!

Ruth said...

Thanks Ivonne,- for dropping by and the nice comment.