Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Gift for South Beach Dieters - Cocoa Flaxmeal Muffins

Towards the end of South Beach Diet Phase One, Catherine of cbananahammock was kind enough to send me her recipe for flax muffins. I had been whining about having to give up bread which is so dear to me. And this recipe became her staple. Too bad I didn’t know about it earlier! Oh well – I love it now, although I did make some changes – naturally. When have I ever been known to leave well enough alone! You can check out her site for the original which is more like bread, or below for my sweeter version. It's great for a fast "out the door" breakfast or a snack anytime. We've even had it as part of dessert served with a little vanilla yoghurt.


Cocoa Flaxmeal Muffins


purvis said...

I tried both the original flaxseed muffin recipe and your chocolate one here. The original turned out great, but the chocolate one didn't... Did I do something wrong? When I mixed the chocolate in, it didn't seem sweet enough, so I added 2T sugar-free pancake syrup. When they came out, they seemed even less sweet than the original muffins. In fact, they were quite bitter. Is the "cocoa" in the recipe "baking cocoa" (which I used) or some kind of hot chocolate powder? Could that be it??

Ruth said...

It's been a while since I made these, so I'll have to try them again before I comment - or correct the recipe.

Thanks for dropping by.