Thursday, April 6, 2006

South Beach Diet Phase Two - Week One

Well, it’s done, South Beach Diet, Phase One is gone. We even celebrated on Sunday, by having a civilized lunch – omelets followed by a splurge….Italian gelato at a wonderful café in the heart of Little Italy. It was a brilliant sunny day and although it was still chilly, many patrons were eating on the outdoor patio. Now I can understand drinking espresso or cappuccino and munching on biscotti or even ice cream, but I don’t understand people eating hot food like eggs Benedict when it’s still cold outside and within seconds so is your food. But I digress, and the gelato was delicious. That said, I now will put off making that surprise dessert I hinted at last week until later. I’ve lost 7 pounds Yahoo!!! and Passover holidays are around the corner. We’re going to Halifax to visit my daughter and son-in-law and I plan on at least tasting every wonderful thing she plans on serving! I will regroup once we get back, but I do want to control myself until we go.

Rather than give you all a blow-by-whiny-blow of my days, I thought I’d share some highlight dishes (and a few that were less than stellar).

One of my favorite dishes from Bonnie Stern's HeartSmart Cooking for Family and Friends has got to be her cilantro roasted fish served on a bed of mixed greens with Asian Sesame dressing.

It tastes even better than it looks! I often make it with salmon or halibut or sea bass like Bonnie. Sometimes, while it's roasting I put another pan in and roast new potatoes and asparagus - delish!

Then there was the meat loaf I tried from the South Beach DietBook. Now the "ketchup" was awesome, but something was missing from the meat loaf itself. It was quite bland. So before I give out the recipe, I'll do some fiddling and make it again. I will share the "ketchup" though. It was great.

I served it with our new staple- mashed cauliflower (we love it)


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