Sunday, May 2, 2010

It Was a Great Foodie Week!

If you can get fresh local food, it's always a good week, true enough. Not to mention that we finally have fiddleheads at the Saturday Farmers' Market - My personal sign of Spring.
That and the fresh, organic garlic (too small for me - I love them big and juicy, but sign of things to come). And don't forget to add potted fresh herbs from Riverview Herbs to grace your window sill - or better, to be transplanted into your garden. Not to mention visiting with some of my favorite vendors. Randy...bought some Free run eggs from Ran-Cher Acres ( still have a stash of their awesome goat cheeses), Chris....Strip loin steaks (they were out of hanger steaks) from Getaway Farm, Beverley...I needed more apple sage jelly & picked up a new one - "Just Berries" from Tangled Garden....and all the rest.

That would have been enough...
but earlier in the week, I got a chance to visit an awesome chef, Dennis Johnston of fid resto (in fact, he's one of my favorites here in Halifax - you can see why here,) at his restaurant AND get a lesson on how to prepare hanger steak - That's a huge deal.

Add to that being interviewed for CBC Radio's Information Morning by Simon Thibault and his Assis Toi series. I'm such an idiot... I forgot to take a photo of him with his microphone, getting, not only the interview, but the sounds of sizzling steak and clatter of cutlery coming out of the drawer.

We made flank steak and salad (all from the market) while we chatted. It will be aired and podcasted in a couple of weeks so I'll keep you posted.
Then to round out the's time for Saltscape Expo 2010. I wrote about my wonderful experience last year and naturally had to get there once again to savor all things wonderful about the Maritimes.
The music
The culture
The craftsmanship
And who am I kidding...the food & drink! Demonstrations and tastings galore. That's the chefs from The Crown Bistro at the Delta Halifax serving up some savory pork belly.
Cooking demos and Iron Chef-style competitions
Plus vendors galore giving away tasty tidbits, like cranberries treats from Terra Beata, another of my favorite places to visit.
I naturally had take home a couple of things some maple chipotle pepper from Mallett's Maple Pepper to season the steak and some Maple Dressing from Handmade Gourmet Products for the salad. All of which made a simple, savory & satisfying ending to a busy day!

And now it's time to think about tonight's dinner...

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Kirsten Lindquist said...

fabulous post! Wish I was in Halifax right now!