Monday, June 11, 2007

Jerked Honey Rum Glazed Chicken Kebobs

I know I said I was going to be using the Jerked Honey Rum Glaze that I made last week for chicken wings...and I'm sure they'd be delicious. I can see myself right now, cheeks and fingers glistening with the glaze, loud lip-smacking noises as I attempt to lick my fingers clean....Yummmmmmm

BUT...we are doing an attempt at South Beach Diet, Phase Two. Notice I said ATTEMPT. We really haven't been very strict about it, especially since my daughter and son-in-law decided that it was too stressful for them (they both are studying for final exams and projects, getting ready to go to camp for the summer - she's the Director, and of Boaz). Still, chicken wings would be over the top. And truthfully, the little bit of honey (as long as you don't pour extra glaze over the kebobs at the table), is perfectly fine. for this dish.

I guess I'll be saving the chicken wing idea for another day. It would be great for a buffet party, don't you think...what about sports night - watching whatever your favorite play-off game with friends...Halloween get-togethers....Okay, I'll stop. Here's the recipe for the kebobs, though.

Jerked Honey Rum Glazed Chicken & Veggie Kebobs

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Nora B. said...

Hi Ruth, I don't like chicken wings so I think these are perfect!

wahdi said...

Hi there, im blog hop..
ur blog is cool!
more recepie please~ ;)

BB Supp said...

Ok those look scrumptious! I'm sure chicken wings would be great too, but not necessary especially if you are TRYING to stick to South Beach. I use my own type of low carb diet and I think I'll be firing up the grill to try these. Thanks! said...

Your chicken kebobs look lucious. I will have to try them, making moderations for a diabetic of course.."hubby". I know they will be good, as your description and the pic, both have made my mouth water to no end.
Also, your knittings.. I just love your lil prince and his 'robes'. The teddy is too cute also.

Thanks for sharing.


booklogged said...

I happened to see your blog listed under 'Blogs of Note'. Feast caught my attention and so I clicked. Couldn't believe my luck when I saw you were from Halifax. My husband and I are visiting there in July. If you feel like sharing any tips, must see places or events, great places to eat, etc. I would appreciate your comments.

Drop by and see me at A Readers Journal or email me at

Kristen said...

Those look fantastic! Good luck with South Beach :)

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks all, and booklogged, I've actually written a post with the restaurants and places I've discovered so far

Drop by anytime.