Monday, June 11, 2007

7 Random Things about Me Meme

Sara of I Like to Cook has tagged me for the 7 Random Things About Me . I've already been tagged before and I'm always talking about'll try....

1. I suppose the first thing is that although I absolutely HATE (and I rarely use the word) chain letters, I love, love, love memes. I find them to be great fun.

2. I am truly, totally, unequivocally, and without question a city girl. I love to visit the country, even spend a week at a cottage. But at the end of the day....I NEED to be in the city. I miss looking through cookbooks and deciding at the last minute that I want to make...whatever, and even if I don't have the ingredients handy, it's just a short walk to a store. Not having access to a car whenever I want it (we're a one car family staying with my daughter & her husband, also a one car family, so orchestrating who gets the car when, makes spontaneous cooking a challenge).

Okay, that was probably 3 random, babbling facts right there. So we'll skip right down to..

6. If I don't knit or do crossword puzzles while I watch TV, I'll destroy my cuticles! I need to keep my fingers busy. So now I'm working on a new sweater for my little prince to take to camp. Here's an earlier shot of him in one of my creations. Five months later, it finally fits!

Here's the teddy bear I knit him before he was born.

7. I just started writing for's blog, Food for Thought. Here's a link to my first article - Apple Blossom Festival in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. I can't wait to explore this lovely province and write all about my adventures, both here and there.

So, rather than tagging 7 individuals....I open this up to everyone! What do you want to share with the rest of us?

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Mahek said...

well written Ruth , i could know so much about you and thats great
your grandson looks soooo cute in that creation of yours , you are so talented!!! you must be energetic to be able to do so many things.
do you follow recipes from books or do you make new ones from the old

katiez said...

I look through cook books and do sudoku while watching our 1 1/2 hours of evening T.V.
I've always wanted to be a city girl....maybe someday!
Great post!

Rob Halford said...

Cool blog! :)

The Real Mother Hen said...

Glad to have come here by chance :) I'm thinking of writing a cookbook called Creative Southeast Asian Cooking in America, would you be interested? :)
Btw, I'm also tagged by someone to write 8 random interesting facts about me! Oh, what a work :(

Ruth Daniels said...

Mahek, thanks, it was pretty funny seeing him in the outfit when we took him home from the hospital. Amazing how much he's grown in 5 months. As for recipes...I follow baking recipes more or less to the letter, but use all the rest as a guide or starting point.

Katiez - I also look through cookbooks and magazines...Gotta do something with these hands! Interesting how the grass always seems greener on the other side. Whenever we drive through a rural area, I wish that was me with a farm or vineyard...then I think of all the work, the isolation, get the picture.

Rob - thanks

Real Mother Hen, glad you dropped by.

booklogged said...

I forgot to mention what darling knitted projects.

Dina Baxter said...

Applause for all things random! It's wonderful you've chosen knitting over cuticle picking- I have to find something that will distract me from that same bad habit. Cutest baby ever, by the way. He's lucky to have you as a grandmother, and don't ever let him forget it!

Ruth Daniels said...

Dina, I guess I'll have to show him these comments.

Thanks all for your comments.

Booklogged said...

Looks like I goofed. My first comment didn't show up. And it was quite long, so I don't remember all I said. Something about you being from Halifax where I'm going to visit this summer and do you have any travel tips for me.

Ruth Daniels said...

Booklogged, just keep checking my posts...I'm new to the region and will be sharing all my explorations.

Thanks for dropping by.