Friday, April 20, 2007

Presto Pasta Night Round up #8

Wow, when I started Presto Pasta Nights, I was hoping it would be a hit. And it just keeps getting better every week. Thank you all for sharing your great recipes and I look forward to many, many more. So without further ado.....let's get down to business.

First in, and a first timer to PPN boot! is Megan of Chez Megane - a wonderful blog with a terrific start to the roundup. It's a Portobello Mushroom Pesto on Penne and looks absolutely delish.

Another PPN first timer is Judith of Think On It and she shares this pasta with cabbage and cherry tomatoes that she discovered on a trip to Puglia (in the heel of Italy). I never would have thought to use cabbage in a pasta - this recipe changed my mind.

Alisha of Cook, Craft, Enjoy is back with a super easy (perfect for me in the thick of moving) and delicious looking Chicken Parmesan. If only I could find a pan!

Ashley of Ashley's Travel also joins us for the first time with this lovely Lemon & Ginger Chicken with Noodles. It has all my favorite ingredients.

Haalo of Cook (Almost ) Anything is back with a gorgeous and easy dish (good thing for me since this week everything seems a challenge). This Gnocci Sardi with Asparagus and Saffron really says "Sunshine" to me. And I always love just saying the word "Gnocci" - so musical!

Next up is Katie of Other People's Food (another first timer here - welcome!!!) She shares another Gnocci dish. This one is with Pancetta and Broccoli Rabe. It also looks fabulous.

Myriam of Once Upon a Tart and a fabulous regular at PPN made these absolutely perfect ravioli filled with sage and ricotta. If you don't have a pasta machine, try a rolling pin or bottle of wine.

And Sher of What Did You Eat? is back with a gorgeous dish of Spaghetti with Scallops & Hot Garlic Sauce. Unfortunately her scallops tasted a little metallicy - not the fault of the recipe, which does sound delicious.

Eunice of Lemon Almond joins us for the first time with Zhaijang Mian, which she says is the Chinese equivalent of Spaghetti Bolognese. It looks and sounds divine and I can't wait to try it!

Next at the table, is Shawnda of Confections of a Foodie Bride. She's here for the first time and since she eats pasta often, I hope she plans on sharing more of her dishes with us. This time she brings us Chicken Pesto Pasta using farfalle. They're one of my favorite noodle shapes and always make me smile.

Gattina of Kitchen Unplugged, a regular PPNer is back with one of my favorite kind of pasta - Baked Shells. Her's are stuffed with Zucchini, Onion, Salami & Fontina. How fabulous is that!

Katherine of Toast Point is another PPN first timer and a pasta junkie. Welcome! She brings Buckwheat Pasta with Cabbage & Almonds to the table. So up until this week I've never heard of cabbage in pasta and this roundup has two!!

and the guests just keep on coming! Abby's here from Eat the Right Stuff with Sausage Ragu with Spinach and Tortiglione. And just looking at it calms me down.

Rosa of Rosa's Yummy Yums is back with a wicked Thai Noodle and Liver Stir Fry that sounds awesome and looks amazing.

Truffle of What's On My Plate is a PPN first-timer too - and I'm so glad she decided to join the fun. She brings a very exotic Calamari on Squid Ink Fettucine with Roasted Tomato Sauce. Sounds scrumptious.

Barbara of The Humble Housewife is back with this Creamy Italian Sausage and Mushroom Pasta. All my favorite ingredients in one easy dish. Who could ask for more!?!

Judith of Aroma Cucina is back with a really intriguing dish - Ravioli with Toasted Ricotta. How cool does that sound! You have to check out the secret.

and, finally, my own sad know the adage about the shoemaker's children having no it and weep for me. Next week will be better. Everything move related will be done and my flight to Halifax is next Thursday, so expect something simple from me.

Liberal Foodie is back with this sort of sad lasagna story. Not as perfect as she expected, but it will be better next time.

I feel terrible! In all the chaos around here - packing for the movers, organizing for the garage sale I somehow overlooked Lis of La Mia Cucina (one of my favorite blogs) and a spectacular pasta maker (along with everything else she makes). She submitted this awesome (all my fave things) Campanelle in a Creamy Garlic Sauce with Baked Garlic/Herb Shrimp . I wish I had some on the table right now - oh yeah - I don't HAVE a table! I guess it will be one of the first dinners I make in Halifax.

I will be adding late additions to this week's Presto Pasta Night until Saturday. Any I receive after that will be part of next week's PPN Event. So don't forget to join the fun. Remember that ALL noodles dishes count as pasta for this fun event. Find out how to participate here.

In the meantime....Happy Pasta Eating!!!

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myriam said...

ruth, i am so impressed: moving AND writing a roundup...?! - i dont know how you do it! good luck with the move, the garage sale and the massage on monday! until next week! love, m

Gattina Cheung said...

Ruth, thank you sooo much for this round up! Great to see the list of PPN entries getting longer and longer!
One of a Kind that restaurant really sounds super! I'd miss it terribly too if I were you! I know tomorrow is your garage sale, have a great success... nothing left! :D

Haalo said...

What a fantastic gathering of pasta!

Lis said...

As always everything looks phenomenal! There are definitely more than a few on this weeks list that I'll be trying. =)

I've got a wee problem though.. I sent my submission on 4/18 - I know last time I had the wrong e-mail address but I thought I fixed it.. could you look again and let me know if it got lost before it hit your inbox? I sent to with the subject of Presto Pasta! If it's not there, I'll resend. Thanks! =)

Ruth Daniels said...

The garage sale was great. Between it and the movers, there's no utensils to cook, no place to eat, and soon the desk will be gone too. Just the floor and my laptop.

Myriam, this week was a challenge. Next week will be better and I am very anxious for the massage!

Gattina, I still have a few days left to get to One of a Kind Pasta - will do my best.

Haalo, every week it seems to be getting better and better.

Lis, I finally got your entry up. Sorry about that.

To all of you, thanks for the great comments. See you all next week. Keep those great recipes coming.

Andreea said...

oh wow how wonderful. will make sure to come back for the next event.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are making me sooooooo hungry!

Seemachine said...

These photographs alone are delectable, delicious--I could eat them even without getting to the real food!

But who would want to impose such injustice on herself. Can't wait to try these. Thank you so much for the post!