Friday, April 20, 2007

Where's My Pasta???

The movers have come and gone - along with all my cooking gear. But it's Presto Pasta Night and how would it look if the host herself (meaning me) doesn't have a pasta dish to show off.

So Sharron and I decided we would go to one of my favorite restaurants (I'm going through the "I'm going to miss....shops (mostly food related) and communities (mostly food related) and restaurants"). We'd order different pasta dishes (we invited a friend so there would be more dishes to savor, plus we really do enjoy his company) and I'd take photos to post here.

One of a Kind Pasta on Queen Street West in Toronto does serve other things beside pasta, but I've never tried any. All their pastas (made with their own noodles) are lip-smacking, "drooling-as-you-read-the-menu" awesome. All are delicious from the very simple, like the Al Pomodoro (linguine with fresh basil, garlic & tomatoes) to the intriguing Squid Ink Linguine with grilled Calamari, Ham, Shitake Mushrooms and Snow Peas in a White Wine Cream Sauce. There are at least 30 choices on the menu!!! The other bonus is the price - the most expensive pasta dish Shrimp Newburg is $13.95 - and that's in Canadian dollars!

Off we went on a lovely Spring night in Toronto - perfect for window shopping on one of my favorite (you'll see this word often as I reminisce about the places I'll miss) streets - Queen Street . All the while, I was pondering which dish I would end up with - do I go seafood (I usually do) or try something I've never tried before (I usually start out with that idea). Finally we get to the restaurant only to discover that every table is taken. Not only is every table taken, but only one group looks like their finished the main course. Everyone else seems to be looking at the menu!!! After about 10 minutes of waiting and trying to determine when we'd get a table - based on what the other patrons were doing (they all were just having a wonderful time by the looks of things), we knew it would be at least another 30 minutes before we'd get our chance.

We were all hungry and impatient, so we decided to continue up the street to find another restaurant with good pasta. Truth be told there are lots of interesting and delicious restaurants on Queen, but most were busy - and how come everyone was out on a Thursday night waiting for a table at 8:30 in the evening!!!

Along our journey we came to another of my favorite haunts - La Hacienda. They serve inexpensive Tex-Mex food, so no pasta on the menu. However the Hot (because the shrimps are sauteed) Shrimp salad is another dish I'll miss when I move, so I decided my own Presto Pasta Night post would just be about the longing for a pasta dish. After all, everyone else at the PPN party will be bringing a great dish and I can have some of theirs.

Oh and the next time I'm in Toronto, I'm going to eat Bianco & Nero (Zebra Linguine Pasta with Mixed Seafood, Exotic Mushrooms in a Brandy Lobster Sauce) at One of a Kind Pasta.

So what are you bringing to Presto Pasta Night? It's easy to join in the fun.

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