Friday, December 29, 2006

Can I Freeze This?

Just a quick cross-post for those of you with leftovers. I've been asked many times, which things can be frozen and which need to be left to some other fate.

Please check out AskRuth for some information and I'd love to hear some of your own ideas to add to my list of freezing tips.

Personally, I hate freezing vegetables. They always taste spongy when I defrost them. So here are some other ideas:

Roasted & steamed vegetables

  • Puree and make a great rich soup or if you follow this recipe can turn into a wonderful broth.
  • Add to eggs and and cooked meat - some of that turkey would be great to make this frittata or this surprise frittata.
  • Fillings for crepes or omelets.
  • Don't forget to add lots of your favorite herbs and spices to change the flavor.

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