Tuesday, March 21, 2006

South Beach Diet Day Two - Surf 'n Turf

It’s morning of Day Three of South Beach Diet -personally I’d just love to be in South Beach since it’s freezing here. But that’s another story. I've already got some jello "cooking" in the fridge, since I forgot to make desserts yesterday...oh well, lesson learned.

Here’s the menu for Day Two…I won’t bore you with breakfast (toasted mini vegetable quiches- nice and crunchy) or lunch (left-over leek, spinach & mushroom soup – still delicious, though) or snacks (low fat cheese and almonds).

Dinner on the other hand, was worth mentioning. I had some jumbo shrimps in the freezer, some gorgeous asparagus, standing like soldiers in my fridge, and quite a bit of kebabs left over from the night before – a perfect marriage.


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1 comment:

Rosa said...

That doesn't look so bad. My dinner was better--smile. I made your BBQ sauce. Come and take a look. I'll send you my response tonight!! YUM!