Monday, March 20, 2006

South Beach Diet - Day One: Mini Muffins, Kebabs, Salad & Mocha Creme

Well as they say – “Today is the first day of the rest of my life”. Okay, maybe that’s a bit melodramatic. I told you that all this recipe testing has added some unwanted cushioning to my already not so svelte frame, and my Honey and I decided to do the South Beach Diet.

The main problem – I still have some un-South Beach recipes to test. That said, my Honey was eager to start now, so the first week or two will obviously have a few meals that are not really appropriate, but better some than none! Plus, my cousin – who is closing in on her second week of Phase One was over for dinner last night. She’s already lost 5 pounds!!!

So naturally we had a very SB friendly dinner

Beef kebabs with a delicious salad for the main course. When my cousin arrived, she was carrying dessert – Mocha Ricotta Crème (from the SB Diet book). I had made the same thing with a variation – I added almond extract (but got carried away, so mine was very boozy tasting). Hers looked beautiful and was nice and creamy. Unfortunately, we were too busy taste testing to remember to take a picture. Her's won, by the way, but I liked them best when we mixed the two together.

I knew that Problem Number Two for us would be breakfast. There’s no way my mouth will tolerate a full eggs plus breakfast at 6:30 a.m. It doesn’t really wake up until around 8 even though the rest of my body does. So I decided to try to Vegetable Quiche Cups to Go in the SB Diet book, hoping against hope that we would find this a good alternative for the next couple of workday weeks before we go back to our high fibre cereals.

So yesterday was a strange Day One. We started with our usual NY Times in bed with coffee, went for a brisk walk (before breakfast because I wanted to go buy some spinach for the quiche cups I planned on making for breakfast) and finally made breakfast which took about 30 minutes. Long way to say we didn’t have breakfast until close to 11:30 a.m.. The quiches were delicious and I was surprised at how filling 2 mini muffins could be. After breakfast, I did some serious SB diet shopping – meaning finding cheese sticks and other low fat cheeses for snacking and lunches as well as more vegetables.

Our “lunch” – I use the term very, very loosely – because by now it was 2:30 p.m., was actually a snack of us “testing” the various cheese options I bought. By the way, the Laughing Cow or La Vache Qui Rit cheese wedges were not a hit!!! But the Lite Baby Bel’s were.

And finally, dinner which was very filling and tasty, if I say so myself. I must admit, this was the first night I really didn’t crave any snacks during the usual after dinner TV watching….or is it just the excitement of starting something new. We’ll see what today brings.

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Kalyn said...

Hey good job. You're going to be surprised how easy it is to find yummy things to eat. Kebabs look great.

Baking Fairy said...

I started the diet yesterday as well!!! Let's see how this will go but I am excited. I am hungry though:)

Ruth said...

Kalyn, thanks for the encouragement.

Baking Fairy - good luck. I haven't been hungry, but my honey is (and is grumpy!)