Friday, February 22, 2008

Presto Pasta Night Roundup #51

One more week to the big...and I do mean BIG birthday. Presto Pasta Night will be one year old...unbelievable! How quickly (and in this case, deliciously) time flies by.

Last week, a few people shared dishes that I somehow didn't receive notice of. The "magic" of technology does sometimes have a way with making things disappear, never to be seen again. Plus I had a headache from Hell for two days, so a couple of dishes probably slipped through the cracks that way too. Fortunately, the lovely creators let me know of the we'll start this week with a few who should have made it last apologies, but it was worth the wait.

And a quick little story before I share the roundup. Earlier this week I was in the grocery store looking for something to take the place of my most fave thing on earth (well, one of them anyway) homemade classic basil pesto. IF..and it's a big "IF", you can find basil here, it's not very pretty and way overpriced. I do buy some in jars to tide me over, but it's not the same. And this week, right here at Presto Pasta Night...there are three very cool options...broccoli, spinach and sage. How serendipitous is that! Okay, now for the real stars....

Kittie of Kittens in the Kitchen is pea fact it was hard for her to even say the Jamie Oliver slogan "easy peasy", but this dish of her ICE (In Case of Emergency) Pasta is one we all should keep handy. I bet it would be great with peas too!

Michelle, the Greedy Gourmet shared this lovely Creamy Pecorino & Lemon Pasta. I really don't know how I missed this, but I'm glad I found it now.

And Ferdzy of Seasonal Ontario Foods sent these great looking Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Peanut Dippingn Sauce. I do love it when I can eat pasta with my fingers.

Sab at Le Plaisir de Gourmandise shared a Mac 'n Cheese that only the French would think of...laced with Fois Gras... Gratin de Pates au Fois Gras. I promised to translate the recipe so you can find the English version here.

Miri of Peppermill, gives us a lesson in Italian ragu and shares this delicious version of Spaghetti Bolognese.

Kitchenetta, of Got No Milkis thinking salad and I'm so glad she shared...Asian Chicken Noodle Salad

Val at More than Burnt Toast must have been reading my mind...I was wondering what kind of pesto to make until glorious basil returns around here. This Broccoli Pesto Pasta will definitely hit the spot.Doesn't it look gorgeous?!

Ricki of Diet, Dessert n Dogs shares this fantastic way to use chard...especially for those who usually turn their noses up at the tasty, healthful green. Soba Noodles with Ginger, Chard & Walnuts.

Tigerfish of Teczcape just got back from Singapore and shares this great post and fantastic dish of Fried Hokkein Noodles Singapore Style. I do think a big trip is in order!

Ivy of Kopiaste shares a fantastic dish of Spaghetti with Anchovies & Capers and another great pesto idea while basil is scarce...spinach!

Katie of Thyme for Cooking brings us a wonderful comfort dish of Pasta with Bacon and Leeks. Don't you feel calmer just thinking about it?

Sher of What Did You Eat? has a very springtime dish...Pasta with Confetti Vegetables & Toasted Breadcrumbs. It definitely brings Spring inside.

Mansi of Fun & Food brings an Asian twist to a fave dish of mine...Asian Spaghetti with Garlic & Cilantro.

Chris of Mele Cotte has another fantastic pesto dish. This one uses sage...Check out the Penne with Butternut Squash and Sage Pesto.

Psychgrad of Equal Opportunity Kitchen went winter camping (I can't even imagine) and brought this great Pasta Salad.

Lola doesn't have a blog, but she sent me the recipe for her BLT Pasta. Sorry no photo, but when I whip some up, I'll be sure to include it. It sounds wonderful.

Kevin, my favorite Closet Cook is back with a rich, tasty and so simple Pasta Carbonara. I love it.

Alisha, of Cook, Craft, many of more than ready for summer, so she whipped up this glorious Summery Pasta Salad.

KC of Kitschow has me humming with this perfect rendition of Scarborough Fair Pasta...Chorus everyone "...parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme...remember me to the one who lives there.... "

Haalo of Cook (Almost) Anything has me drooling with this very healthful Wholewheat Spelt Pappardelle with Calamari.

Gay, Scientist in the Kitchen made the biggest meatballs ever with her spaghetti.

Ramona, The Houndstooth Gourmet, just squeezed in under the wire for this week's roundup with a wonderful trip down memory lane for me...She calls it Sicilian Chicken, I used to call it "Greeby Spaghetti"...don't ask me why.

Katie at Other People's Food has a fab dish of Fried Ravioli...very diet conscious...not! But who cares.

And now for me...this time it's not my usual quick and easy...this time, although it only spent 30 minutes in the oven, it took more than 2 hours to put it together. It was worth it though...Wild Mushroom Mac 'n Cheese

Don't forget to join in the Big One Year Birthday Bash next week and please visit the Presto Pasta Gang on Facebook.

As always...a very big thank you to all of you for playing along and visiting every week!!!


Mike of Mike's Table said...

That is a very tempting collection of pasta dishes. I thought I was set with my food plans for the weekend, but now, I might have to re-prioritize...

Great roundup

Finla said...

Your roundups are always so drooling.

Ruth Daniels said...

Mike...what can I say...welcome to my wonder the dieting is nowhere!

HC thanks, couldn't do it without all the great submissions.

Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

Ruth, a fantastic roundup! And so many vegetarian options--how great is that!! Thanks for hosting this wonderful event. And now, I'm off to visit some of the other entries. . .

Anonymous said...

Wow, does this edition look good or what? Thanks for my inclusion, Ruth, and one small correction. The name of my blog is not Peppermill, but Got No Milk.

Many thanks!

Ruth Daniels said...

Kitchenetta, my apologies,..but it's fixed.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for next week's one year birthday of Presto Pasta Nights! I came around during your 6 months, I can't believe how time flies. Thanks for always introducing us to great blogs we haven't discovered.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Another great PPN roundup!



Chris said...

So many delicious dishes! Thanks for the round up. Can't wait until next week!

tigerfish said...

I'm trying to control what I am eating here so that I can feast next week! But it's hard :O

Ivy said...

Wow, pasta is one of my favourite dishes and to see so many wonderful dishes is like being in heaven.

Laura Paterson said...

Another fab roundup Ruth - thanks!

I too am loving the pesto options - I'd never had thought about the broccoli one!

Looking forward to the big one!

Katie Zeller said...

I can't wait to get home and start cooking again. Eating out is wonderful...and I love the deli salads...
But either is only good for just so long!

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks all for dropping by...and more importantly, for sharing great pasta dishes with the rest of us.

Laura Paterson said...

Hi Ruth,
Just letting you know I've sent you an email with this week's entry (as my last one got lost!)