Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Time For Decadence Nova Scotia Style

It's February and I'm not sure where January went but I am glad it's over.  Don't get me wrong, I love all the great Canadian seasons - including winter, although I am quite the hermit.   And why am I rambling you ask?

Because I can't wait to participate in this year's month long foodie revelry here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  It's called Savour Food & Wine which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, so you know they'll be pulling out all the stops.   Here's the link to the month long schedule.

First things first - this month starts off with the Decadence Chocolate Wine Cheese Event Thursday, February 7th, where students from Nova Scotia Community College in the Pastry Arts & Culinary Arts Programs create the most wonderful dishes of artisanal cheeses and succulent chocolates paired with wines from around the world.   Just to whet your appetite and have you book your flight here, take a look at an earlier Decadence event I attended.
In the off-chance you're thinking that students don't equal chefs, I beg to differ!   I was so inspired by the dishes they created at that event, that I visited Chef Ketterley and his awesome team of chef teachers and students at their campus.   By the way, students here have been winning gold medals at many international competitions!  But I digress....

Throughout the month many of my favorite restaurants have special Dine Around Menus - many of which will entice me to bundle up and leave my cozy home.  My mouth is drooling just reading about the menus, the wine parings, and my frugal heart is definitely excited about the price.
The grand finale event  - The Savour Food & Wine Show will be held on February 28th and, from past experiences, I know it will be spectacular!  I think I need to start practicing the required balancing act - camera, plate, glass.

Hope to see you in Halifax, but if that's out of the question - check to see if there are any wintery food events in your neck of the woods to help pry you out of your comfy lair.

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