Thursday, February 7, 2013

Diner Breakfast & Double Dinner Duty Ingredients Potatoes & Bacon

I used to make my own pizza dough, and now that my cast is off, I should knead dough just for the exercise. That said, for lazy days, or days when my hand and arm are throbbing from doing ... whatever I've been doing all day, it's much simpler to buy baked pizza crusts (we like thin ones) and just add our favorite toppings, bake on a heated pizza stone in a super hot oven (450F/220C) for 10-12 minutes and you're done. This version has pesto & olive oil as a base and tons of shrimps with a sprinkling of red chili pepper flakes and some grated cheese.  But I've been hankering diner breakfast food. - eggs & bacon and hash browns, so...

One day a while a go, with that meal in mind, I started our day with a scramble of finely chopped onions, potatoes and pancetta.  Not to mention that I felt the need to add some sliced cremini mushrooms. When they were soft and golden, I added 4 eggs, scrambled in a bowl and tossed it altogether until the eggs were cooked to our liking.  
And, while that was a great start to the day, I still wasn't done with the cravings for potatoes and pancetta.  so  for dinner we whipped up this take of another quick pizza favorite of ours - Potato & Goat Cheese Pizza.  This time - no cheese but lots of cooked & crumbled pancetta as well as some thinly sliced mushrooms and onions.

I'm going to continue to do some catching up and sharing lots of great easy to put together (even with one good hand and a novice sous chef) recipes.  


bellini said...

I love a good hash and I LOVE potato on pizza Ruth.

katiez said...

I use puff pastry when I want easy pizza... It's nice and light. Love the pizzas - potato and bacon pizza... Yum!

Vijays Chawalla said...

Hey Ruth!! I love pizza with garlic and the ne with fried potato toppings on it.

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