Monday, January 14, 2013

Roast Beef with an Asian Take on an Old Tradition

It seems like forever-ago that I actually wrote a real post.  So long ago that neither my daughter Joanna or I remember exactly what we did to make this recipe our own.  I will say, it was delicious.  Imagine me, with my arm in a cast and obviously no use in the kitchen.  I did provide the fantastic standing rib roast from Getaway Farm Butcher Shop - grass fed and finished beef from their own farm, I might add.  I was expecting a traditional roast beef dinner, but...
since Joanna was making homemade steamed Asian dumplings, (one of these days I'll share the recipe) she thought we should do something Asian with the roast.  Our (really HER) Asian Style Roast Beef was adapted from one of her favorite Chinese Cookbooks, Secrets From A Chinese Kitchen by Vivienne and Jenny Lo.  Swiss chard and carrots from Jo's winter garden were roasted around the beef during the last 20 minutes or so.

I suppose, because we don't often have standing rib roast - a special occasion dinner, and because I love my classic take on Traditional Sunday Dinner Rib Roast, studded with garlic and coated with powdered mushrooms and dry mustard, I was hesitant.   It's not that I don't love Asian food, because I do.  It's more that with certain ingredients, I fall back to my childhood roots.

What dishes would you never stray from, and which recipes would make you more adventurous?

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