Monday, July 23, 2012

Perfect Day - Tall Ships, Chuck Hughes, Lamb Chops & Corn

Who could ask for a better Saturday - Sunny, but not broilingly hot;  The Tall Ships Festival in town; Taste of Nova Scotia's Food Fare By the Sea and a culinary demo & chat  by Chef Chuck Hughes (one of my very favorite TV Chefs); and an outing with the family.

I must admit, I really was hoping to spend more time in the Food Fare Pavilion with lots of great local dishes, prepared by some of my favorite restaurant chefs.  I wanted to watch all the demos, and the black box challenges...crews from the tall ships; Chef Hughes, Chef Renee Lavallee and more.  
But the little boys (lower middle & left) would rather climb & slide down the wave a bazillion times.
Use gigantic anchors as a tight rope walk
Find new ways to wear the cool give-away shades.
All in all it was a perfect afternoon and time for a chillaxing evening - grilled lamb chops in my standard marinade, served with boiled new potatoes tossed with butter, chives and pepper, along with grilled asparagus and some green onions.
Not to mention my first corn on the cob seasoned with some Cajun spices & lime rub - less choleric than butter. 
And for very favorite summer fruit...cherries by the handful...or make that handfuls.

If you're from Nova Scotia, or ever visited here, then you know it's the place to be all summer long.  Lots of wonderful festivals all around the province, great food and friendly people.  Who could ask for more!  If you're still figuring out your vacation plans... this is the place to come.  And NO, no one is paying for this endorsement!

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Joanne said...

Such a fun day with the boys! They just get cuter and cuter! :)