Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Quick Market Post - Imagine Cherries, Blueberries & Corn in July!

If you live further south and further inland to Nova Scotia, finding blueberries, currants and corn in July may be quite ordinary,  but here...

well, it's just spectacular.  We're off to see the Tall Ships Festival, so no time for lots of words...just a peek at some of my score...
Insanely huge basil - just in time for a new batch of pesto.
the sweetest young carrots and salad turnips (I didn't get the beans)
I couldn't resist the blueberries and currants
or the cherries...
or the corn and peaking behind - first onions.
Short stop on the market roof gardens - That's George Island where there will be a big concert tonight.
Detour to the old market in the Historic Properties for some lamb chops, from Wood 'n Hart Farms.  They're already marinating in my standard for lamb - lemon juice, Dijon mustard, chopped rosemary leaves & olive oil.  Dinner tonight when I know I'll be too tired to do more than grill chops and boil corn and new potatoes.
Deli meats (smoked turkey from Sweet William Sausages & Roast Beef from Getaway Farm) already "sandwiched up" for our picnic lunch with the kids down by the Waterfront.
And for tomorrow's lazy breakfast - fixings for French Toast - Brioche from Julien's and eggs from Selwood Green.

And now off for our adventure.  If's a perfect day for one... what will you be doing?

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Joanne said...

So many delicious things are in season right now!