Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eating Local... Well, Mostly Local From Lamb to Rhubarb

If you've been visiting here before, you know I'm all about supporting local producers and eating in season... not to mention making dishes that are simple and quick.  That said, I'm occasionally caught under the spell of some gorgeous... not-yet-in-season-here ingredient.... like these blueberries.   But let me back up a bit....

I did get some gorgeous rhubarb from my daughter's garden and more from The Seaport Farmers Market here in Halifax. and I've been craving some muffins, since I already made some awesome rhubarb rosewater syrup (That I "Pinned" from 101 Cookbooks.)

It's still too early for blueberries here in Nova Scotia and I've run out of ones I picked and froze last August.  Since my local grocery store had a "buy one-get one" sale.... well, the offer was too good to resist.  Plus Naturipe Farms is really a "family of farms" - they even introduce you to their farmers, so I feel better about not waiting.
I don't think I'll be the only one justifying my decision, once you've tried them, either.  The original recipe comes from Canadian Living, but I naturally couldn't leave well enough alone and HAD to add the pecans and blueberries.
My blueberries may not have been locally grown,  but I did make the most wonderful Nova Scotian lamb kebabs that Ben the Butcher at Getaway Farm's Meat Mongers cut to my specifications on Saturday.

I would have made it over Orzo Pilaf, so I'd have yet another entry for this week's Presto Pasta Night Roundup, hosted by Stash of  Simple Kitchen Seasons.... great segue, don't you think?   You can send your entries to sobaaddict70 (at) gmail (dot) com and cc ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com. 

Perhaps I'll make the orzo pilaf tonight (I already defrosted my homemade Roasted Vegetable Broth), then again it's rainy and dreary, so perhaps the orzo could just be part of a soup to create with some left over lamb....Stay tuned..  

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Joanne said...

I try to mostly buy local also but with fruit its hard! I'm glad those berries were worth it!