Friday, March 16, 2012

My Brilliant Little Author

Even though I'm occasionally asked by someone wanting to guest write here, I keep it as my own... with the one exception so far... my gardening daughter who will review an appropriate book or two.   But the very proud Gramma in me had to share this story written by Boaz, my five year old grandson... but first a little background.
Last Monday we visited Zillig Farm and I wrote about it HERE.  A few days later, Boaz and his little brother Dov, came for a visit and I told him about the article.  He's always asking me what I write about and how come it's mostly about food.... but that's another story.  

He loved the title of my blog "Once Upon a Feast" and then we had this conversation....
B:  Hey, Gramma.... I have a great idea!   We should write our own story book and instead of starting it with "Once upon a time"... we should start with "once upon a feast" and it could be about a little boy who is very hungry but his parents were busy so he had to make his own food.  He already knows how to do it by himself.  
G: (that would be me)  sounds terrific  
B:  Okay... I'll tell the story, but you write the words and illustrate it.  Then Dov and I can colour it in.  It should be four pages long. 

And so it began, but please excuse the illustrations... I am no where near as talented an artist as his mummy or Auntie Sharron.   

I was the scribe, so all is written as Boaz directed.  He did much more than just tell the story... it was his concept, his layout and design of the book from the title FEAST to the Darker, larger capital letters of each sentence.   As for the Colouring... his assistant, Dov was too busy doing his own project to cooperate ... er... participate.  .  

I shared this story because I am truly proud of him, but it's also my way of showing how fun and easy it is to educate our children about the food they eat.  Kind of like hiding the vegetables in a dish so they'll eat them even if they say they hate them.   
Boaz and his brother have been playing in the kitchen since they could crawl 
and being a baker from a very young age.  I love this shot of him making Chanukah cookies with his mom when he was two.  Well, someone has to taste the sprinkles and make sure they'll do.
 More recently, they've both graduated to making these beautiful challahs.  They make them most Fridays, with a little help from mom.
And, of course when the boys come over, Boaz and I cook up a storm ...everything from cookies to pizza.  

Not every adventure turns out the way we plan it... like making these awesome fish cakes....the making was fun, the eating.... totally not!   No matter,  the idea is to introduce them to food in ways that are fun. 

Other musings of mine about cooking with kids.  I'd love to hear about your time getting your kids (nieces, nephews, neighbors...) getting to learn about and appreciate food.  


Anonymous said...

That's terrific! And...I love the way you draw Mum!


Joanne said...

They are so adorable! And I love that you've inspired them through cooking...such a great thing.

bellini said...

Such fun and memorable times Ruth!

Goody said...

I cannot believe how fast your grandkids are growing up-it seems like they were just babies, now they bake bread. I'm sure that book will be met with amazement when you present it to them as grown men.

My seven year old recently announced he was ready to move out because he can prepare sardines on toast. "That's bachelor food, that you don't need your mama to cook for you."

Yeah, but he still needs someone to do his laundry ;)

Shelby said...

To me, family is so integrated into my life that not to write about it on my blog would be a shame! I love this post! You have some lovely grandsons!