Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winter Farmers Markets

True... it's February in Nova Scotia and that means snow... cold (although today is very mild out)  and definitely a while to wait for lovely Spring and the beginning of the new growing season...
True... the local farmers markets, are selling cold storage root vegetables and some fruit - apples and pears are still crisp and juicy.
True... there are more artisans and delicious prepared food stalls like this one selling Turkish savories than fresh produce, but it's all good...more than good in fact.
Of course it's time to share my market score and some plans...
The kids are coming for lunch and, although the little ones will be asking for chicken nuggets, the rest of us will be having grilled sandwiches made with Julien's Good Hearth Bread, Sweet Williams' smoked turkey and smoked white cheddar with a slathering of some pesto from my freezer (made from local basil bought during the summer) which will be turned into a delightful aoli.
My favorite Sunday morning Honey's French Toast made with Julien's Brioche and free range farm eggs.  I love the color of those yolks!

Not to metion some RanCher goat cheese with cayenne & garlic, Riverview Herbs fresh arugula and some organic elephant garlic from... I never did get their name, but this week is definitely going to be spectacularly garlicky.
Of course no trip to the Halifax Seaport Market would be complete without a visit with the folks at Getaway Farm.   Naturally this time there's a story attached.   Normally I don't show you raw meat.  It always looks better cooked... at least in my opinion.   But, goes with the story...
Recently I wrote about my chat with Ben Andrews, butcher to Getaway Farm. That day, they were out of short ribs and I've been dreaming about them ever since.   So when I went up to the counter, I was disappointed - no short ribs... again!  So I told Leonie, Chris de Waal's lovely wife, she said, "just because you don't see it doesn't mean we can't do it for you.  There are three beef carcasses in the fridge. "  So Chris went out to bring a side of ribs.  And Ben asked me exactly how I wanted them cut and how many ribs I wanted... and for me, at least for today... I wanted thinly sliced (1/4") across 3-4 ribs for a marinated BBQ Beef recipe from In My Mother's Kitchen (my review).  Stay tuned for the recipe!    Just another reason to find a real butcher near you and make him (or her) your new best friend.

I hope I've inspired you to visit your local farmers' market, and make friends with the producers.  You'll never look back!


Joanne said...

I always love reading about your farmer's market finds and comparing them to mine. :)

Ruth Daniels said...

I would love to hear about yours. I imagine NYC has some awesome ones. Next visit, I'll definitely make time to check some out.