Thursday, May 26, 2011

Grilling Season & Cool Technology

It is grilling season... finally... although the rain and no cover over our heads mean it doesn't happen every day as it did when we lived in Toronto. There, we lived in a house with a back covered deck and we even grilled in the middle of winter. Here in Halifax, it's taken us three years to actually find a place we love with a balcony.
Our first purchase when we moved in last year was a Weber Q just like we had in Toronto. It's small enough to not take over the whole balcony. Cooking that first night, before anything was unpacked... grilled turkey fennel sausages from Sweet Williams Sausages purchased at the farmers market. In fact, we could actually take the Q with us for camping... if we ever decided to GO camping that is.
Nothing easier than grilling the first local asparagus. Just snap off the hard stem, drizzle with some olive oil and place on a hot grill, making sure to place the spears perpendicular to the grates. They just take a few minutes, turning once. To serve, just a few grindings of fresh black pepper and some sea salt with a bit of fresh lemon zest.
Another of my favorite sides this time of year... boiled baby new potatoes, that are tossed with some chopped green garlic, salt and some freshly ground black pepper to round out the meal.
And the star of this dinner... the Rosemary & Garlic Grilled Skirt Steak, it's similar to flank, but even more tender. Mine comes from the grass fed & finished beef of Getaway Farms here in Nova Scotia... because fresh and local always taste better!

Oh yeah... the technology part.... my epicurious apps. I have one on my iPhone and another on my iPad, after all the phone is with me when and wherever I go. The iPad, not so much. I've written all about why I love this app, but the most amazing and magical feature is the ability to save a recipe on one device and have it appear on the other automatically.

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Anderburf said...

I recently got a Himalayan salt slab from Sustainable Sourcing and I can't wait to try it out this weekend on the grill!