Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chilean Barros Luco Sandwich at Fid

We don't go out to eat all that often. The best of three worlds... a great local farmers market (make that 2 right here in Halifax), fantastic cookbooks that frequently arrive here and, the fact that I really love to cook! ... mean I usually spend a lot of time in my own kitchen.

But today, an old friend and fellow food blogger Paige (Chef - Girl) was in town for a conference and we met for lunch to catch up. Our choice...fid resto - local by nature. Dennis & his lovely wife Monica make you feel as if you are part of the family, hanging out in their home. Which I suppose is truer than it seems, since they spend way more time in the restaurant (Dennis in the kitchen and Monica managing the front of the house) than they do at their real home.

Fid shows up year after year on The Coast Magazine's "best of food" list. And this year is no exception, taking "Best Lunch Special" and runner up in several other categories as voted by the readers of the magazine. So when a little birdie (ummm, make that Dennis, told me that they just started serving Barros Luco sandiches (I had no idea what they were), I had to try it out... even passing up the famous burger and the Pad Thai.

The meal... soup & sandwich $12 is a delicious steal! The soup is an Asian flavored broth with noodles and mushrooms and very tasty. The sandwich... layers of thinly sliced beef, melted cheese (not sure what kind), slices of perfectly ripe tomatoes and avocados on a soft bun and served with Fid's own pickles and a spicy sauce. I'm not sure exactly what the sauce is, so I immediately ran out to buy some Sriracha Hot Chili sauce that seems close.

A little history... when Monica & Dennis lived in Montreal they ate these Chilean sandwiches at a little place, now run by the second generation. And that's all they serve. Apparently, it's right around the corner from where my daughter lives, so I'll have to tell her about it. The recipe originated in Chile, and was named because it was a favorite of President Ramon Barros Luco. Check out Wikipedia for the story. Better still just head over to Fid if you're ever in Halifax. It's bound to become a standard. I wonder if The Coast gives awards for best dish... this one has my vote.

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