Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Market Delights

Truth be told, although I did go to the farmers market this past Saturday, I was tired and not my usual self... which didn't stop me from shopping... just from taking pictures of my score. I was more into easy cooking and just chillin'. Even some of the meals got missed... photographically speaking that is. But I thought I'd share anyway... just to get you excited about eating local... whatever "local" means in your neck of the woods.

The Steamed Mussels, Scallops & Merguez above was made with a sweet sparkling wine - Nova 7 by Benjamin Bridge, a local Nova Scotian Annapolis Valley winery. The mussels & scallops were from The Fish Shop and the merguez from Sweet Williams Sausages... all found at the market. The baguette, ready to soak up the delicious broth (I had the leftovers for lunch on on Monday - awesome even after all the seafood was gobbled up) was from Julien's Bakery.

Pain chocolat wolfed down the second we made it home, and the delicious Good Hearth bread made for tasty ham & cheese sandwiches for lunch.
Brioche was saved for our usual Sunday ritual ... coffee in bed, reading, followed up by my Honey making French Toast with fresh thyme (from River View Herbs) and maple syrup - always local, I think this batch is still from Sugar Moon Farm.

It's only Tuesday, but I've already forgotten what lunch was. Supper, on the other hand is easy to remember... Sweet Potato Panko Crumb Haddock Fillets (I've made this a million times, and after 30 minutes of searching realized, I never wrote a recipe for it! I could do it in my sleep and so I guess that's the reason. No fears, though... recipe is now up and I'll have to take a picture next time. Served with a salad of spicy organic mixed greens from Free Spirit Farms, fresh herbs from River View Herbs and simple vinaigrette starring Balsamic Apple Cider Vinegar from Boates Farm.

Thought I'd end with last night's dinner - Getaway Farm Grass fed Strip Loin Steak on the BBQ served with sauteed fiddleheads, & mushrooms along with boiled new potatoes flavored with green garlic and very young Spring onions. The steak is so delicious, it needs absolutely no seasoning!!!

Now I'm off to aquafit class to work off some of those calories.


Kirsten Lindquist said...

steak and mushrooms and fiddleheads, lucky you!

Joanne said...

Sweet potato panko...now you've really got my attention! Sounds like you're doing wonderful things with your spring finds!

Ruth Daniels said...

Kirsten... definitely one of my Honey's fave dinners.
Joanne... a lady at the Saturday market has lots of great homestyle breads and makes sweet potato bread & rolls for a local restaurant. So she turns day old bread into panko crumbs.