Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Exactly is a Foodie?

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a brunch of "foodies" at one of my favorite Halifax restaurants - fid resto! owned by one of my favorite Halifax chefs - Dennis Johnston (who taught us all how to prepare hanger steak and promises another lesson in how to roast a chicken...without drying it out as often happens to home cooks).

It all started with Sean Gallagher, brainchild of Local Source - an awesome purveyor & caterer of all foods Nova Scotia (I borrowed their mission statement so you can really get to understand what they're all about)...
"All of our food is fresh and seasonal. Our meats are free range, grass fed and antibiotic free, all sourced here in Nova Scotia. In keeping with our aim to purvey quality, healthy local food, connect urban dwellers with farming communities, help boost the economy and foster a vibrant food culture."
Sean was talking to one of my other favorite food people - Chris de Waal of Getaway Farm. If you follow my blog, then you know that I visit him and his lovely wife just about every Saturday at the Halifax Farmers Market. Somehow the conversation got around to having brunch at fid resto! after the market one Saturday. Chris reminded him that by the time they finish up...brunch is over. So Sean talked to Dennis and they offered to keep the restaurant open just for them. Chris decided that he should invite more "foodie" friends to make it worth while to fid & and staff. Lucky me...I was included in this private party.

As you can see in the photo at the top that we were an even dozen and the only things we had in common were that we ...a) knew Chris....and b) all love good food. And we were all so intent on talking about food, choosing from an awesome brunch menu and eating that I didn't even get all the names of my fellow guests - how rude of me...although no one seemed to care or notice.
I chose this mouthwatering, lamb breakfast with perfectly cooked fried eggs - crispy edges & liquid golden yolks, served up with very tasty hash browns.
My Honey chose Charlie’s chicken-fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy that was perfect...plate licked clean!
All the options looked delicious (I was too shy to ask for a forkful from those I hardly knew) but I did get a taste of the Scotch egg with a fresh crumpet and local salad greens that my other foodie friend, Simon, journalist and "true Foodie" and his better half were generous enough to share.

After an awesome brunch - great food, terrific company, I left fid resto! on a serious high. It was only much later that I started to consider Chris's statement "what a perfect way to end a day at the market...a meal with fellow foodies".

What, exactly does the word "foodie" mean? Dictionary.com has a few definitions...all similar to this " a person having an enthusiastic interest in the preparation and consumption of good food". That does include me...

Everything in my world revolves around food...from planning vacation destinations to telling stories of my childhood or trips back to my hometown of Montreal, which often includes food that I don't really consider as "foodie" food... like the hamburgers, hot dogs & orange juleps at the big Orange on Decarie or egg rolls from Yangtze Restaurant.

That said, though, when I think "foodie", I think of the Ruth Reichls of the world - those who can tell the difference between a wide range of sea salts, balsamic vinegars or olive oils. Their experiences are elegant and culinary choices very complex. And that is not me, so am I NOT a "foodie"?

These days, lots of chefs are turning to simpler fare and using local resources, as do I whenever I can...so does that make me a "foodie" after all?

What is your definition of a foodie and where do you think you fit in the scheme of things? Please comment.

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bellini valli said...

When foodies get together it has to be a great time!!!