Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trip Down Montreal Memory Lane

I was hunting for a favorite restaurant of my childhood in Montreal - Piazza Tomasso and came across this wonderful post about restaurants and food in Montreal during the '60's which has some interesting relevance to today.

In those days, dining out for the Middle Class was limited mostly to Italian & Chinese restaurants. Frankly I still need Yangzte Restaurant egg rolls and a trip to the Orange Julep every time I visit.

Montrealers of a certain know who you are will have a wonderful trip down memory lane being reminded of restaurants and grocery stores. The rest of you will instantly google your own cities and find some of the same. And all of you foodies out there will be interested in what was/wasn't available and the comparison to foods we find today.

For better and worse...exotic foods from faraway lands along side bland tasting produce (unless it's locally sourced and just harvested) in most grocery stores ... we're here and now where do we go?

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