Sunday, September 19, 2010

Return to Traditions

(This photo was actually taken in 2005 - not too much has changed since then)

Every culture has its traditions... its religious celebrations... and the feast that go with them. Every culture passes those traditions on to the next generation. And, typically, the younger generation adds their own flavour to the mix.

We are in the middle of the Jewish High Holidays and, for Rosh Hashanah this year, I made a meal I haven't made in years, starring roast brisket with lima beans and a dish of bow ties & kasha (farfalle pasta - but no one in my family would think of calling this dish by any other name) to sop up all that delicious gravy....and it brought my late mother and grandmother to my kitchen, first and our dining room table with our children, grandchildren & in laws.

This year for the pre-fast meal of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, we returned to a tradition from my childhood (and those of my daughters) big family do with several courses, none of which had too much seasoning so that we wouldn't be thirsty during the long fasting period - sundown to family dinner with hours and hours of lovingly cooking up a meal which guests don't have time to savour, but rather wolf it all down so they can run out for synagogue Kol Nidre services...especially since my son-in-law is the choir director and both he and my daughter sing beautiful solos, but I digress...

So dinner was simple, but an old (and I use the term endearingly) friend in my kitchen, Norene Gilletz, provided the inspiration for the star.... Pear Chutney Roasted Chicken Breasts from her latest book, Norene's Healthy Kitchen: Eat Your Way to Good Health ...which I have written about before, served with mashed sweet potatoes and a side of sauteed beet greens.

Our next holiday is Sukkot, another favorite of mine and one Norene will be attending as well. This time from Second Helpings, Please!
Her Roast Tongue...another one of those love/hate ingredients will star. Joanna will be preparing it in her sukkah and I can't wait.

It's Fall, and we all eagerly await many more holidays before the end of the year...Thanksgiving, comes to mind and I'm you stick to old traditions or bring something new to your holiday table?

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