Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday to Cafe Chianti

One of the first restaurants my daughter took me to when we first moved to Halifax three years ago was Cafe Chianti - and I fell in love with it. It was a perfect "ladies lunch" spot for me -
Their seafood crepes have me drooling every time I think of them. And no matter how often I would go, I'd always make them my choice...tasting everyone else's awesome dishes as well. Joanna always had difficulty choosing between the Transylvanian or the Gypsy Goulash.

Sadly, during this past winter, there was a fire that put an abrupt stop to our visits. But I'm happy to report, that along with a lot of other happy Cafe Chianti patrons, I was invited to a reception announcing their 21st Birthday and the relocation. It's just around the corner at 1241 Barrington - if you're ever in Halifax, this is a must - lunch or dinner stop.

Let me take you on a little tour...but first, how about some wonderful appetizers to whet your appetites?
Italian salami wrapped around stuffed olives
smoked salmon & cream cheese rolls,
jumbo shrimp with a wonderful sweet & spicy chili sauce,
I tried to take a photo of the bacon wrapped scallops - so good that my hands were shaking and they quickly popped into my mouth.
They were part of a wonderful wall of hot delicacies, just a sample of what awaits on the menu...gourmet pizzas, Hungarian smoked sausages.

And now that you're no longer hungry...or rather, now that I've made you really hungry...the tour. Starting with the frescos behind the hot buffet. These, and others around the new restaurant were taken from the old to keep the wonderful European atmosphere Cafe Chianti patrons love.
Today, for the reception, one of the two dining rooms was cleared of chairs and tables for everyone to be able to mingle about, taste the wonderful appetizers, savor the wines and champagnes while listening to some beautiful Spanish guitar. I didn't catch his name (didn't want to interrupt), but I'm told he'll be back every Sunday, so you have many opportunities to hear him play.
As bright and sunny as the front dining room is - with a small open air terrace right on Barrington for Summer dining, the other dining room is rich and decorated in dark brown and burgundy tones, which, even in the early afternoon, gives the feel of a romantic late night dinner.
In between, is a lounge and bar that brings the two worlds together.
It's the perfect place to wait for your friends and have a drink before heading into the dining rooms for that perfect meal.

Welcome back Cafe Chianti! And good wishes for at least the next 21 years.

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