Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ladies Lunch

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Very short post but I did want to share my day....

Today was a "lull before the storm day"....The "storm" part will be trying to work, babysit, cook for the holidays, go to synagogue, help Sharron pack (she's moving back to Toronto on Saturday - we will NOT discuss it!). The "lull"...pampered in the Hair Salon in the morning and a lovely Ladies Lunch with Sharron, her friend, Jasmine and her monther, Irene. Lots of laughter, lots of stories and delicious food at my new favorite European cuisine restaurant - Cafe Chianti.

That's the seafood crepe and salad in a creamy "lick the plate clean" sauce I had. The Hungarian Goulash is awesome, according to Irene who opted for the daily special - a wonderful halibut dish. Sharron and Jasmine couldn't decide so one ordered the Seafood Jambalya and the other the seafood crepe and they split the dishes to get a little of each. Wise move, I'd say. We had our own cosy corner looking out at the pouring rain and spent a delightful afternoon forgetting all about the list of things we had to do.

Nothing forces you take a break better than a cute little boy who came by for a supper visit tonight while his mommy and daddy went off to choir practice. That's my Boaz learning all about apple trees. We went apple picking on the weekend - but more about that when I write my article for Food for Thought - Foodtv's blog next week.

So, it's time for bed but I did want to share a great day. What would you choose to do on a "lull before the storm" day?


Nau-Dee said...

Your grandson is totally a doll!

Ruth Daniels said...

I agree, and he's such a funny, happy little boy too. Thanks for dropping by.