Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Saturday Special - Diner Scramble

Every once in a while, my Honey and I love to do a diner breakfast. Get in the car, drive to some little diner and order breakfast. It doesn't really matter where we go...the one around the corner - Johnny's, run by a Greek family (we're sort of regulars) I even wrote about them at Foodtv.ca/blog. We even tried a new (well new to us) diner - The Armview Restaurant which still has that 1950's feel to it.

But no matter where we go, our orders remain constant - 2 eggs (scrambled for my Honey and lightly poached for me), bacon, hash browns and toast. After all, we we changed anything, how would we know which was the best diner?

What's a girl to do when we don't actually get to a diner? Well, this weekend I made a fantastic scramble by just frying up some diced potatoes and pancetta - Italian bacon and my new favorite ingredient. I even named it Diner Scramble and I think I'll be making it often and serving it with some homemade rye toast.
Now you know our favorite guilty pleasure....what do you order for your diner delight...and is it breakfast or lunch?

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Pam said...

Breakfast for dinner always seems like a treat, doesn't it?