Monday, November 30, 2009

Pasta For Kids of All Ages

I'm hosting this week's Presto Pasta Night Roundup, so I thought I'd start the week with an all time favorite comfort food....mac 'n cheese....but not just any mac 'n cheese. This one is for kids of all ages. It's from a new cookbook (I'll be writing more about it this week) 250 True Italian Pasta Dishes: Easy and Authentic Recipes and it is particularly delicious.

Maccheroni ai Formaggi (I do love how just saying it in Italian adds an exotic touch even before I tell you about it). It's in the "Pasta for Kids" section of the book and, basically it is Mac 'n Cheese. Just don't think KD. Ricotta, mascarpone, Parmigiano-Reggiano and if you're lucky enough to find it...Gorgonzola dolce (I haven't found it yet but I still have one more shop to try) which makes this the creamiest, sweetest mac 'n cheese ever.

Yesterday I made some for three generations of Honey and I, my son-in-law and my two delicious grandsons, aged one and almost three. Now Boaz, the older one is not into general, so his eating a couple of spoonfuls is actually impressive. His younger brother Dov, loved using his hands to gobble up his portion. When I say he's delicious...I'm not kidding...especially covered in pasta. And the rest of us "kids" licked our plates clean too.
Don't forget to send me your latest pasta dish to add to the Presto Pasta Night Roundup. Just send your entry to me ruth(at)4everykitchen(dot)com by Thursday night and then check back to see everyone else's dishes on Friday. And if you're interested in hosting a PPN roundup, drop me a line about that too.


Bellini Valli said...

Sound like the perfect dish for the kids and "kids at heart" Ruth.

katiez said...

Looks perfect for a cold rainy night like this....