Saturday, March 7, 2009

Everyone Has a Favorite Diner - What's Yours?

There is nothing like a great neighborhood diner. I don't know what it is exactly that is so wonderful. Is it the menu right out of the '50's &'60's? Is it the really inexpensive meal-especially in these difficult economic times? Or is it the homey vibes?

When we lived in Toronto we went to Leonard's Family Restaurant, which we called Effie's Place. She was our awesome Greek waitress - not related to the Leonard's, but a fixture, none-the-less. And if she wasn't there, we weren't nearly as happy. We still talk about her and she's our benchmark to measure all wait staff in any diner we go to.

You can read about our Halifax favorite local haunt in my article for foodtv.

The question I want answered is...what makes a diner special for you? Admit it, you might not go daily or even weekly, but you definitely have one somewhere. We even look for them when we do road trips.

Admittedly our road trips have only been in Canada & the US. So as part two to the question....what is the equivalent (local, cheap, friendly) in the rest of the world?

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