Monday, November 16, 2009

A Thai Cooking Class Party

I just did a post about reducing stress around the holidays...especially if you're the host!

I forgot one other way to give a great party for a small group - host Cooking Class Party in your own home - I now facilitate them in the Halifax area, but you probably can find them in your neck of the woods. Everyone gets in the act and you never have to worry about doing anything other than inviting the guests and providing the beverages.

Elizabeth & Chris invited some of their friends over on Saturday for a Thai Themed dinner and I had to share the photos (collage above) and menu.

Vietnamese Summer Rolls & Thai Salsa
(perhaps not exactly authentic, but huge thumbs up from the cooks - the photo is an old one with shrimp - theirs was vegetarian)

Fancy Thai Chicken Fried Rice
(your eyes are not playing tricks, this was my practice dish at home with shrimp)

Thai Green Curry with Vegetables & Tofu
(no photo or recipe - sorry)

Everyone arrived around 6 and we ate and cooked, ate and cooked and finally just ate. They all had a great time and everyone got in the act....and I didn't see a stressed--out look in the place!

As luck would have it, I had just received a copy of Basic Thai Cooking, by Jody Basic Japanese Cooking, which I'm sure will be equally fantastic.. Naturally I started flipping through the Thai cookbook for ideas for the party and all the recipes above except for the Summer Rolls came from it. You can read my review of the Thai cookbook, but the bottom line - all plates licked clean.


Pam said...

I love Thai, this looks like such fun!

Bellini Valli said...

My plate would be licked clean as well Ruth. It sounds like so much fun!

Envelope Printing | said...

Oh, Japanese cuisine is amazing! You should cook one recipe there and share it here!

The Thai cuisine are awesome too though :D

Hamster said...

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