Thursday, July 2, 2009

South Beach Diet is Officially Back at our House

It's official...we're very serious about losing all that excess weight we've put on. Back in Toronto, we really were living the South Beach lifestyle...lots of grilling, lots of healthful foods, lots of exercise. And then we BBQ, so not nearly as much grilling, and somehow a reversal to lots of starchy comfort foods and less excuses, just suffice to say...this last trip to visit family really was the tipping point.

Before I even get into this year's The South Beach Diet Supercharged journey, I've already received some comments about others doing the same. All I can say to you....Excellent choice!!! and good luck. I will be posting lots of delicious South Beach friendly recipes, but just to jump start your journey with tasty treats....

But back to this time around...Normally, I'd start the diet in the morning after getting on the scale and being horrified and needing cardiac resuscitation, but we were travelling and frankly, it's practically impossible to find a carb free airport breakfast, so we had a Montreal bagel (they are the best in the world, even at Starbucks kiosks), skipped lunch altogether (another SBD no-no) and did some healthful grocery shopping on the way home.

Finally....a healthy dinner....

Pecan Crusted Tilapia (who says you can't have "breaded" fish/chicken on SBD?)

Roasted Cauliflower
(this time sprinkled with turmeric & cumin, but you'll find lots of options here)

Cyndi's Mocha Cappuccino Pudding (our usual, go-to dessert)

Because we're still on vacation, and went to visit the kids at camp (about an hour and a half from Halifax, so we'll be visiting often through the summer), eating SBD takes on a different spin...

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with fresh chives and a spoonful of roasted red pepper tapenade (I really wanted roasted red pepper strips, but ...well...they're on my shopping list) and a handful of chickpeas for protein (deli turkey is also on the shopping list)....and some V8 juice with a little Worcestershire sauce for kick.

Lunch at camp: salad bar and tuna & more egg (okay, we know that's too many in one choices when everyone else is eating sandwiches). It's day one and the campers were just they needed to make a lunch that could be staggered and easy to have ready for the 300 or so campers and counsellors.

Dinner in Lunenburg: we thought we'd stay over in Lunenburg, home of the Bluenose II and see fireworks, but... fireworks were in Bridgewater not Lunenburg

This photo was from an earlier trip to Magnolia Grill when we were still eating rice. This time around, we just had more salad with the oh-so-fantastic, just-off-the-boat scallops . We did not stick around for dessert, although it was truly hard to resist their key lime pie or the ice cream parlor across the street....SIGH!...and head home for fireworks in Halifax...which didn't happen for us either. We just listened to it from our flat and avoided the misty rain.
Stay tuned for more of our South Beach Diet adventures.


Katerina said...

Looks like you are eating pretty well for someone on a diet.
It is funny how everyone has their method of choice for when their jeans are too tight. I am a fan of just eating cleaner and portion control myself, but I am not good with removing things from my diet.

Ruth Daniels said...

I know what you mean about eating clean & healthy. Once this short phase of no bread is over...SBD is pretty much what you describe.

Thanks for dropping by.