Monday, July 13, 2009

Finally - Garlic Scapes!

Yes - garlic scapes are finally here in Halifax. And that's the lovely person who went "out back" at Pete's Frootique to find them for me (one of my favorite food purveyors in Halifax). Although I was tempted...I did not buy the entire sackful. And, finally, I'll stop leaving whining comments on everyone's garlic scape posts.
Having been on vacation for two weeks, and up at camp, visiting the kids this past Saturday...I am really missing my visits to the Saturday Farmers Markets. But Pete's came through with some very tasty, AND very local foods. There's nothing like Nova Scotia lamb and tonight we're having the stuffed lamb rolls (if you look closely, they're in the center of the glorious meat counter that serves the very best local meats).
Too bad my Honey is not a tomato lover. Don't these local hot house beauties look gorgeous?
I did sneak a couple in last night's dinner....Mediterranean Style Haddock & Broccoli. Shhhhh, don't tell him.
Nor could I resist these giant green onions, pristine yellow beans (side tonight with the lamb roll) and chocolate brown cremini mushrooms - all local! could I forget...the first really big, really green bunch of basil.
Enough to make my first batch of pistou of the summer (pesto without the pine nuts).

And now I'm ready for the week, with lots of local goodies for my table.

Many of you might remember me talking about my trip to Toronto to sit on a food bloggers panel organized by Hellmann's Eat Real Eat Local Campaign. Visit their site to see how you can make a difference and read some interesting articles. I don't have to remind you that supporting local farmers is so important - and so tasty!


Unknown said...

I was so excited when I first found garlic scapes this year, too! The market looks like they have so many wonderful goodies to pick from!

avra said...

You had me at scapes...:) I've already made pesto, and am going to make soup, and then bring it all to work so thatI can spread the joy that is garlic scapes to my colleagues who have never heard of them. Of course, then I might have competition. Hmm...

cali chic said...

The lamb chops look AMAZING! I wish I could have those for dinner tomorrow!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I love the first sign of those curly garlic scapes at the farmers means that summer is here:D

Maria said...

Wow, that all looks delicious. Love the haddock and pistou looks so vibrant and flavorful.