Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eating for the Season

I have to admit that I occasionally eat fruit and vegetables out of season...okay, probably more than just occasionally. That said, there's nothing like the first fruits and veggies that herald in each season.

I've already mentioned fiddleheads and asparagus and I'm anxiously awaiting local strawberries. My grocery store options are still carrying California berries...giant, glorious red and ... tasteless. To my California friends...I know they're fantastic right out of your strawberry patches...they just don't travel well.

Which is my segue to talking about the Eat Real Eat Local Panel Conference I attended last weekend. I promised I'd share some very interesting discussions and facts presented. The most eye-opening was a survey conducted by the Harris/Decima Group for Hellmann's asking Canadians, from each of the provinces, which ONE food from their local ecosystem they would choose to support.

No surprise that Alberta would pick beef or that Prince Edward Island would choose potatoes, but the rest of the provinces surprised me. I mean, here in Nova Scotia, you'd think (well I did, anyway) lobster or other fish/seafood, but no...apples 21% followed by beef 16% and potatoes 6%. In fact, across the country ...apples won! 14%, followed by beef 13% and potatoes 11%. I realize that the survey was taken in February-March of this year when most of Canada is still cold and still eating lots of soups and stews and that most farmland is under a gazillion feet of snow. Still...we all found the results surprising.

And I'm pleased to say that Nova Scotians ranked higher than the National Average when it came to these questions:
I prefer to eat locally grown food...NS = 94%; NA= 86%
I pay attention to the origin of the food I eat...NS =71%; NA-68%Locally grown food tastes better...NS=76%; NA=68%
and my fave...
Do you try to eat more locally sourced food now than you did 2 years ago? ...NS=77%; NA=59%

On that note...I can't wait to head out the Halifax Farmers Market this Saturday and see what's fresh from the fields. Not sure what my chances are for strawberries, though. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Pictured at the top of the post, and frankly...what's better at the end of a meal or a snack?

What's local in your neck of the woods this week?


Alisa - Frugal Foodie said...

mmmm, that strawberry tart looks unreal!

Johanna said...

those strawberries look glorious - I esp like the ones with basil and balsamic vinegar

apples are king in Melbourne at the moment - I love autumn for the apples which are so fantastic I can't bear to eat them any way except fresh - although I have a few cakes I would like to bake with them - maybe soon

Goody said...

I almost always have to "cheat" because apricots and pineapples don't grow around here. That said, my garden has been providing more radishes and peas than anyone should be faced with. I like radishes, but come on ;)

Ditto the comments on the tart.

Ruth Daniels said...

Ladies, the tart is very real, very easy to put together and very tasty...when strawberries are really in season.

I love apples too, but really only from the tree to my mouth! I know produces store in cold storage and we're still getting the tail end of last fall's production...not the same though.

thanks for dropping by