Monday, April 13, 2009

Passover Pasta...An Oxymoron

Jews around the world who observe Passover will tell you that pasta is NOT allowed on Passover, unless you can find special noodles prepared with Matzo meal - regular flour is out of bounds. That said, we are, if nothing else...inventive.

So for this week's Presto Pasta Night, hosted by the the fabulous Katie of One Little Corner of the World I'm actually sending in three "pasta" recipes that are Passover friendly. And if you're not worried about Passover, I'm sure you will still find them delicious.

Saturday's lunch was an awesome Sweet Potato & Mushroom Lasagna which used the sweet potato as pasta (photo at the top of the post). It's from Norene's Healthy Kitchen which I've written about and shared many a great recipe.

Last year I made this Spinach Lasagna taken from the Houston Chronicle but originally from Joan Nathan (one of my favorite Jewish cookbook authors)'s The The Foods of Israel Today, which is still on my wish list.

And the year before I made this Eggplant Lasagna...more for doing The South Beach Diet Supercharged , Phase One. It uses the eggplant slices instead of lasagna noodles.

Personally, I can't wait until Friday's roundup when real pasta is back on my table, to get some tasty treats.

You still have plenty of time to send Katie your entries. Just email your links to sprange (at) hometel (dot) com with a cc to me: ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com.

And remember if you're interested in hosting, just drop me a line.


So Simple said...

Your eggplant lasagna sounds like moussaka Ruth. Is it Ok for meat and Dairy together at Passover...
Hope you had a wonderful heats we spent our Easter on the water. It was lovely.

Ruth Daniels said...

So Simple, meat and dairy are never supposed to go together. This recipe was made with veggie know that ground veggies and tofu made to look like meat. Of course for those who are not Jewish...or just not kosher, I'd go with ground beef or lamb.

Katie's blog said...

I just visited the Holocaust museum this week with my students. Your entry reminded me how beautiful and sacred the Jewish religion is. Thanks so much for sharing and for allowing me to host this week. I would love to do it again this summer.

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks Katie, for the thought and for doing such a great job of hosting Presto Pasta Nights. I'd love to have you back as host this summer.