Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Diary of Passover Meals

I was just doing a little instant messaging with a friend in Toronto and telling her what we've been eating so far this Passover. She was impressed so I thought I'd share with you...after all, there are still four days to go.

Thursday's Seder at Joanna & Ezra's (daughter & son-in-law, or as they are usually known here...Boaz & Dov's parents).

Chicken Soup & Matzo Balls (still hard even though we tried to make them soft and fluffy)

Salmon Gefilte Fish

Joanna's Chopped Liver (sorry no recipe. One of these days I'll have to get it down on paper)

Stuffed Roasted Leg of Lamb (same story)

Potato Kugel

Gingery Carrot Tsimmis

Mixed Greens with Strawberries & Balsamic Vinaigrette

Date Cake, melon slices and macaroons from a box

Friday Night Dinner here - so many courses for the two seders that I thought to forgo appetizers and one complained. (Photo at top of post)

Farfel Stuffed Chicken Breasts in Blackcurrant Sauce

Wild Mushroom Potato Kugel

Roasted Asparagus without cheese or herbs

Passover candies for dessert


Breakfast was Fried Matzo or Matzo Brie ( no recipe really but per person... 2 sheets of matzo crumbled and soaked in hot water and then squeezed dry, 1 egg and season with salt, pepper and some grated onion. Saute in some oil in a hot pan, like you would make scrambled eggs).

(Joanna called it Lupper, since we actually ate at around 3pm)

Sweet Potato & Mushroom "Lasagna" - the sweet potatoes are the "noodles"

and some Passover Rolls

Supper...snacking on leftovers.

Now I'm hungry...good thing there are still some containers in the fridge.


Ricki said...

I'm so impressed by your salmon gefilte fish! My mom's was always white, white, white (can't remember what exactly was in it--but it was white!). Though in our house, it was still considered delish!

Ray Errol Fox said...

Enjoyed the sight and description of your Passover dishes. Since you're sharing, thought I would too--so I hope you'll take a look at "Once upon a Passover" at --and enjoy!

Bellini Valli said...

I hope there were some leftovers Ruth:D

Ruth Daniels said...

Ricki, personally I prefer..white, white, white. I just don't like to make it ;-(

Bellini Valli...we're down to the last of it today...4 days later!