Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Breakfast Sandwich

I guess breakfast is on my brain, but the article that stood out for me in this month's Esquire Magazine is about the Griddled Egg & Bacon Sandwich. And when I went to their site, I found this article on the 50 Best Breakfasts in America. Naturally I got side tracked for a moment and had to share....flip through the slide show with commentary, it's fun, but I digress.

The article (and slide show) of what chefs make for breakfast is great too. And that's where I found the sandwich. Truth is, I prefer something like Evan Funke's Green Eggs & Ham. Healthier, and just way more fun for me.

But back to "fast food" breakfast... a recent issue of Men's Health had an article about best/worst breakfast sandwiches and MacDonald's Egg McMuffin won best fast food choice hands down. Of course, I need to have mine with the artery clogging sausage or why bother, which tips it into the "worst" basket. Sigh!!!

Anyway, this morning rather than send my Honey out for a Tim Horton's Breakfast Sandwich - apparently they're awesome (at least according to my Honey and my daughter Sharron, I've never tried one), but I digress yet again. Obviously not enough coffee.

I decided to come up with my own breakfast sandwich:

Multigrain bread
Thin layer of Roasted Red Pepper Pesto
1 Slice of havarti (lite) cheese per sandwich
2 slices back bacon (also known as Canadian bacon, eh) per sandwich
2 eggs, whisked and seasoned with salt, pepper and some freshly chopped cilantro (per sandwich)

1. Fry the very lean back bacon until crisp and set aside. (healthy alternative to regular bacon)

2. Fry up the eggs, pancake style, so they don't crumble and fall out of the sandwich. Should be dry so the sandwich is not soupy.

3. Lightly butter (or use a little olive oil in the pan - healthier version) the outside of the bread, spread the other side of the bread with pesto, layer the cheese, bacon and egg and cover with the last slice of bread.

4. Use a griddler, griddle pan or (like I did for less clean up) the same pan used for the eggs - just clean it out with a paper towel first.

Definitely a healthier version to a sausage McMuffin, but...who am I kidding, my mouth still waters at the thought of all that greasy, salty goodness.

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Joanne said...

Breakfast sandwiches remind me of being in junior high school because I bought a bacon, egg, and cheese on a kaiser roll at the local deli before school every day. Good times.