Monday, January 5, 2009

Healthy Cookies for 2009

For years (as many as I can remember), I've made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. My original recipe came from my mother who probably got it off the Crisco box too many years ago to mention.

But it's 2009 and definitely time to rethink which ingredients to wise, that is. And I'm sure that Crisco or other hydrogenated solid shortings are not high on the list of things we should eat. And I know wholewheat flour is better than all purpose.

I admit, that I still have my doubts though when I see wheat germ, and whole wheat flour in cookies, but trust me on this one.....Norene Gilletz did it again...she came up with a fantastic, healthy AND incredibly tasty version. Seriously, if you don't tell anyone how good they are for you, they'll just devour them because they taste awesome!

Norene's Best Oatmeal Cookies

When I was in Toronto, visiting family over the holidays, I really did plan on finally having coffee with Norene...she's been in my kitchen via her cookbooks for years, but we became blogging and phone friends a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, I ran out of days, so it never happened. I was mentioning it to my cousin at one of the family dinners and she told me that she too, is a big Norene fan and uses her latest cookbook Norene's Healthy Kitchen all the time. You'll find lots of her great recipes peppered through my blog and here's what I had to say about her latest book and a little chat we had back in 2007.

So...question to all of are you making your old recipes more healthful?


mikky said...

after all the celebrations, these healthy cookies are a welcome treat... happy new year!!! :)

Goody said...

Now that they went and reformulated the Crisco (aka "Jewish lard") to uh, er...make it "healthier" it is completely worthless for baking. OK, that's harsh, and only my opinion but my pie crusts are not the same. Truth be told, I'm just using more butter now(I know, I know).

I'm glad you posted this because I was actually thinking of oatmeal cookies today, so I'm off to give them a go. But I still miss the old Crisco, even if my arteries don't.