Monday, November 10, 2008

Presto Pasta as a Side

Actually, I confess...I really wanted to make Shannon of Simply Cooking's spaghetti with spinach & garlic as a side for my main dish tonight....but it's her entry for Presto Pasta Night, hosted this week by the awesome and tireless..(read her post to see what I mean) Inge of Vanielje Kitchen.

We're having Short Ribs in Red Wine (& Port). The "port" is in brackets, because I forgot to buy some and just used extra wine. It's from the new Bonnie Stern Friday Night Dinners cookbook which I wrote all about and some roasted cauliflower (400F/200C for 20 minutes) drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with Aleppo pepper (it's Middle Eastern, a gorgeous red and my new favorite condiment). The simple egg noodles with garlic and spinach would be perfect, but....

I needed a different pasta option and decided to go with part of another one of Bonnie's recipes. The Moroccan Tomato Sauce used in the Chicken Fattah (which was superb, I might add) may look like ordinary tomato sauce, but the cumin, honey, lemon juice and Aleppo pepper, make it anything but. Fortunately, I had some left over and it's perfect with the red wine braised short ribs that just melt in your mouth.

So what are you doing with your pasta this week...side or main?...and don't forget to send your entry to Inge at africanvanielje AT vanielje DOT com See you at the roundup on Friday!


melissa said...

I bet that does match the short ribs quite well.

I'm doing a main dish this week that I already thought about submitting. But I'm not making it until Thursday, so I'll likely submit for next week.

I have to laugh at the word verification below: hamboxin. Those things are funny sometimes.

Ruth Daniels said...

Melissa, I can't wait to see which pasta main you come up with. As always, thanks for thinking of sharing with the rest of the Presto Pasta Night gang.

As for the word verification...that one was particularly is faitrai.

Hillary said...

I love how you redesigned your whole dinner just so you wouldn't use someone else's presto pasta entry!

Ruth Daniels said...

Hillary, I thought it only fair that she unveil it to the world. Believe me, I try many of the dishes after an event.