Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pasta In Spirit

How sad...I had every intention of sending a terrific recipe over to Psychgrad at Equal Opportunity Kitchen this week. Somehow life got in the way and although I have most of the ingredients lined up....I actually grilled what should have been yesterday's meal - Grilled Chicken with Lemongrass & Ginger Marinade over rice...shocking, I know, but true. We do eat other carbs least occasionally. Actually...the chicken was delicious and I suppose if you shut your eyes or squint really hard you can picture it with buttery orzo instead of rice....does that count?

The real plan...some meatballs made with my latest purchase... sweet fennel sausage meat from the Italian Market...a favorite hangout of mine that I'll be writing about for foodtv next week... No picture because the meat really doesn't look good raw. As for the sauce...well I forgot to pick up some of their homemade spicy tomato sauce and I used up all the mushrooms I had in a frittata when my brother-in-law was in town . So the only thing I really have to show you is the pasta. I love the packaging, and I really love the product. Sobaya Soba..this package is wheat & buckwheat pasta...

but they have lots of other options and when you check out their website...look at some of their recipes while you're at it. Now I don't feel quite so guilty not having a dish of my own to share with Presto Pasta Nights this week.

You still have a bit of time to send your pasta to bloggingwagon AT hotmail DOT com before the roundup gets posted tomorrow.


Psychgrad said...

Sobaya Soba noodles. You'll have to tell me more about them when you give them a try. Thanks for the opportunity to host! I can't believe you did this every week. Actually, I can't believe you do this every two weeks.

Ning said...

Oooh, I fell in love with soba noodles! I can't wait to see what dish you'll cook for the soba noodles! :)