Thursday, September 18, 2008

How Sad

When is a tomato NOT a tomato, a sardine NOT a sardine, ...the list goes on and on.

Short answer...when it's ground up for all the healthy goodness and added to juices, cereals, maybe...I repeat...MAYBE give us the same nutritional value.

What ever happened to just plain eating nature's bounty in its purity?

I guess you'll have to read this NY Times article.

Did we really come to believe that the only healthy things to eat come in tablets, capsules or powders added to food?

How sad is that....what are your thoughts?


Ricki said...

How very sad, indeed! Thanks for the great link. I've been following a whole-foods diet for about 10 years now, and what a difference it's made. I can understand the impetus to go with the easy way out (capsules, etc.) because eating whole foods and cooking everything from scratch takes TIME, something few of us in North America have to spare.

Part of the problem, I think, is that our foods just aren't as nutritious as they used to be; studies comparing the vitamins and minerals in conventional produce from the 1950s compared to today's show deep declines in the nutrient values, because we're over-farming and earth is becoming depleted (and the mineral-scarce earth is what's feeding all those plants). So we need the supplements to make up for what we've taken from the soil . . . vicious circle.

Ruth Daniels said...

Too true...I'm hopeful that we can make it back to the"olden days" when food that tasted good, was also nutritious. Thanks for dropping by.

_ts of [eatingclub] vancouver said...

Just eat the real thing, people! Geez. True, if they extract the ONE thing they think is the beneficial vitamin/mineral/nutrient, it may not even be effective out of its original source.

jasmine said...

And for those of us who have allergies to some of these great and wondrous additives it makes eating LESS enjoyable.


melissa said...

I agree also. People have destroyed their palates with processed foods and THIS stuff is the answer? No, it can't be. You can change your palate back if you work at it, and make small changes over time, so that eventually you can eat these actual foods rather than a hidden representation of them in junk. Ugh.