Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beyond the Great Wall's Tasty Dishes

Saturday I went to the market with the intention of getting two items...right...who ever went to a farmers market and only came home with two items...but I digress.

Months ago I received an awesome book to read and write about... Beyond the Great Wall...which I finally did here, you can read all about it and be very jealous if you don't have a copy yourself.

So many fantastic recipes and very few exotic ingredients or complicated cooking kind of book! It was hard to choose and I do have many a page bookmarked...I'll be making the Dai Grilled Chicken this week, I'm sure. But it's Sunday, I'm lazy and these two dishes kept calling to be made.

Mongolian Lamb Patties

Dai-style Pea Tendril Salad

I made the salad because I didn't read the note for the Uighur Pastries with Pea Tendrils and the pea tendrils I bought were too delicate for the dish. As we all know, often a great recipe comes from a screwup in the kitchen. Actually, I'm sure that dish will be wonderful once I find the right greens for the filling, but my blunder forced me to find another recipe so I could use the tendrils I bought before they croaked.

All I can glad I goofed!


deepu said...

Wow ,lamb is my favorite .. looks good i need to try the patties. Never had pea tendrils before, what kind of a taste do they have ? will try both.

Ruth Daniels said...

Deepu, the pea tendrils have a very mild the peas they eventually will become. The leaves are small and delicate. The stalks add texture. They're thin and only have a bit more substance than the leaves.