Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Favorite Two for: Baked Pasta

Yesterday, Boaz and I had our usual weekly date. And the photo above was one of very few calm moments during the day...at least calm enough to catch him sitting down. We were enjoying a NickJr game on the computer.

Lots of running, playing soccer and so...unfortunately for me...I was pooped by supper time. Good thing I made that Spicy Bucatini Bolognese on the weekend. Even better that we had leftovers...still better, I had some grated mozzarella and all I had to do was pop it into a 350F/170C oven for 30 minutes or so.

It's interesting that I frequently use left over pasta in frittatas. I can't believe this is the first time in a long time that I thought to make a baked dish...still has lots of that original flavor, but with a whole new texture.

What's your favorite use for leftover pasta? By the way, I always cook an entire box of pasta so that I can send some lovely lunch to the office with my Honey.

Don't forget that this week I'll be hosting Presto Pasta Nights, so send me your entries directly to ruth@4everykitchen.com Everything you need to know to enter and if you wish to host a roundup yourself....you'll find right here.


Happy cook said...

I have to be honest i never ever have left over pasta :-)

maybelle's mom said...

how delicious. baked pasta sounds wonderful. ANd, I adore the name Boaz. Have you ever seen this painting called Boaz's dream?