Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Hearty Weekend Pasta In a Snap

I love Saturdays. They often start out with a trip to the Halifax farmers market. Check out the gorgeous chard that I didn't buy....too many other things already in my bags, but now I wish I had. Oh well, there's always next week and hopefully there'll be more colorful chard as well. I mean, look at what I did bring home....

Vitality bread from Julien's, tender baby pea shoots and mixed baby microgreens, carrots of several hues that will be wonderful roasted, fresh rosemary, cilantro and basil, sweet-as-they-are-beautiful blueberries and strawberries, local ground lamb (for a fantastic Mongolian dish...probably tomorrow), perfect yellow beans, four very juicy, tangy, crunchy apples (I forget which kind), a cauliflower with no blemishes at all, two kinds of creamy goat cheese from Ran-Cher Acres...both spreadable...garlic and cayenne and one covered in Mountain Ash...I'll have to let you know about that one. And of course, we couldn't wait for photos so you can't see how lovely the pain chocolat and the croissants were.

Saturdays also mean running around to do errands, so by the time I got home, all I wanted to do was relax and watch a movie. That said, I knew I'd be hungry later so I whipped up some pasta...I know, you're all bizarre!

Anyway I wrote an article for that should be up early next week. It's about the Italian Market in my neighborhood. Naturally I couldn't resist bringing home some of my favorite things ...their own spicy tomato sauce in a jar and their fantastic sweet fennel sausage meat.

Often, it's wonderful to spend a few hours in the kitchen, making dishes from scratch. Those fantastic aromas wafting through the house...but sometimes....well...thank goodness for places in the area that can give you a start to a lovely meal you can still call your this

Bucatini Bolognese

Twenty minutes and a quick saute of sausage meat and mushrooms and voila! Seriously, I can't imagine not having a stash of some jarred sauce and my favorite sausages in the fridge or freezer. You never know when you'll be too pooped to prep or someone will drop by just before dinner.

Oh...and guess what...I'm hosting Presto Pasta Nights this week. So send in your wonderful dishes to by Thursday so they can be included in the roundup on Friday.


Beth said...

I make a recipe similar to this. Its gorgeous!!

Pam said...

Your buys from the market look wonderful! Have you figured out how you're going to use everything?

Ruth Daniels said...

Beth...even better is the fact that it will be a wonderful baked pasta on Tuesday.

Pam..the pea shoots and lamb made a lovely dinner...I'll write about it tomorrow. The blueberries and strawberries were and will be fantastic on yoghurt. The bread is just about gone and I haven't quite decided on the rest yet.

Patsyk said...

That's a dish I would love on a Saturday after running errands. Your weekend sounds like mine!