Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vacationing in Nova Scota

Everyone needs vacation time, which can take many the 9 month honeymoon my daughter Joanna and her husband Ezra took, backpacking through Africa and South America. I call those "National Geographic" vacations. Personally, I love to hear about those or watch them on TV, but you'll never find me taking one. I prefer over-the-top-pampering, like the cruise in French Polynesia we took one year to celebrate a special anniversary. At the other end of the spectrum... I love to sleep in, eat whenever, and play tourist locally.

My Honey is off this week and we're taking advantage of great weather to drive around exploring more of Nova Scotia, and I thought I'd share some of the scenery and...naturally...some of the food we're enjoying.

Although you might be tired of hearing about our spending time with Boaz, his parents and his nanny (my other daughter), we certainly aren't tired of visiting them...especially since camp is only an hour and a half from our home. At the top of the post is the view from their cabin (early in the morning, before all the campers are out of bed). And this is Bo in one of his favorite haunts...the gymnasium.

So after a day of hanging out with them, my Honey and I drove off on our own adventure further along the Lighthouse Route than we've seen. We were hoping to find a motel on one of the sandy beaches along the South Shore. like Risser's Beach or Summerville Beach with pristine white sand. But everyone else had the same idea - no vacancies!- so we spent the night in Liverpool at the charming Lane Privateer Inn. That's the view from the rolling lawn and our window.

We ate a delicious supper in one of their three dining rooms...the formal, the pub choice .. the Snug Harbour Bookstore. While waiting for your food, you can browse through the gorgeous books for sale.

I had a lobster, avocado and bacon club...

and my Honey had panko coated scallops with a mild curry sauce. For dessert...

...who could resist the brownie, smothered in hot fudge sauce with some vanilla ice cream on the side.

All that delicious food means some exercise is required...a long walk on the shore of the Mersey River (I hear the Beatles every time I say it) followed by a leisurely sleep at the inn and we're ready for more adventures.

We headed north to the Fundy Shore, passing through a different kind of beauty...forests, forests, and more forests, with an awesome smell of pine wafting through the air as we drive with the windows wide open. No wonder we passed three lumber mills along the coast. But seriously, this photo doesn't do justice to the view. I wanted to capture the virginal vista...not a billboard, not a store, no signs of modern life except for the paved road for miles. And when you're at the top of hill...the pristine view is endless green ... nothing but trees and a sprinkle of calm lakes. It's also where you'll find Kejimkujik National Park a perfect place to camp, hike and canoe.

But we're heading north to the Fundy Coast, to Digby (for their famous scallops)

Just check out the famous low tide at the Digby wharves. This was the view from our terrace table at the Fundy Restaurant

with the seriously best scallops ever!!! The lightest batter...the sweetest, juiciest, hugest scallops...I'm still drooling. No wonder Digby scallops are considered the best in the world.

We didn't make it to Brier Island the perfect spot for some whale watching and other eco-lovely things to do. It's at the end of Digby Neck...and we were too impatient for the two ferry rides...We were starving and worried that we wouldn't find a place to stay. (We had been on the road for four hours and it was definitely time for lunch.) That trip will have to wait for another day.

Now we're off to Annapolis Royale ( for some history and more great food). More about that later this week.

And for you Presto Pasta Nighters...I will be hosting this week (and posting on Friday), but I apologize for not responding as you send me your emails (to ), after all...I'm on vacation!


Poonam said...

Enjoy! Photos are really nice!

traveler one said...

Gosh you're up in our neck of the woods now! Whooo hooo! On sat. we'll be taking the ferryrom Digby to St. John NB. Can't wait to have a few scallops!!!

[eatingclub] vancouver || js said...

I want one of those lobster club sandwiches NOW!

Pam said...

What a lovely vacation! I want some of that seafood!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

ruth i am drooling over the panko coated scallops hmmmm

Corinne said...

the sandwich looks superb. i want those digby scallops too

melissa said...

The scallops definitely look good. I've never had scallops with any type of breading or batter and now I really want to.

But I'm aching more for your lobster club. One of my favorite sandwiches is the real crab one I get in Monterey. Missing it right now...

All the pictures are lovely. Thanks for sharing.