Thursday, March 20, 2008

Missing Speck and a Great Pasta

It's time for Presto Pasta Night and, normally I would make a dish, take a picture and share the recipe and some short tale about it. A month ago I wrote about my hunt for Speck for a delicious looking recipe I found in a magazine. I made do with Serrano Ham because the only shop that even knew what I was talking about was out of speck and said it was similar to the ham. So they put my name on a list, because I needed to try it.

Imagine how excited I was when I got the call yesterday!!!! So for those of you who are's what speck looks like.

Hopefully, I'll actually get a chance to whip up a dish of it tonight, but I'm busy juggling a few other blog related dishes, least you know what speck looks like.

I took a break from my other projects and did whip up a bowl ...but, the photo didn't come out any better than the first time, and truthfully, it's been a month, but I think I like the flavor of the Serrano ham better. That said, it was delicious. I just don't think the difference in flavor is enough to worry about. I'm sure the people in Italy who smoke the hams will beg to differ.


katiez said...

I had to tell you - the ham truck came around today and I bought a half of a Vendeen ham, sliced.
It looks exactly like your photo. The slices are about 3/8" thick. He comes about twice a year. It's not nearly as good as a good Spanish ham (which I think is better than most Italian) but it's great for cooking!

We Are Never Full said...

Having eaten speck in Italy and jamon Serrano in Spain (and also admitting to being a bit of a snot about different types of ham), depending on what you were planning on doing w/ the speck, serrano is a fine substitute. In fact, you probably could even use proscuitto too. You're right though, purists would beg to differ, but the truth is, you'll be find w/ any salted, cured sliced pork!

amy @