Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tunisian Chickpea, Eggplant & Mushroom Stew over Couscous

It's Wednesday and I don't want to take a chance on not having a pasta for Presto Pasta Night this week. I have been known to run out of days of the week. Hence the very long title. I made a really delicious and healthful stew from a great cookbook....AMA Family Health Cookbook that was given to me as a gift a number of years ago. I sheepishly the time I rolled my eyes and turned my nose up...silly me! It's a great book and you should check it out.

Over Spinach flavored Couscous of course

I have had the book open at this page for at least a month. Other things kept jumping ahead of it, but finally, I made this lovely vegetarian stew. Personally, my challenge with going vegetarian is there isn't enough "chew" for me. I love to sink my teeth into meat, chicken, seafood...and really have to chew it. (Think Henry the VIII. That would be me in my glory) I feel full after a meal like that, which doesn't always happen with vegetarian meals.

This stew with its rich, spicy and oh so flavorful sauce is spectacular and the King Oyster mushrooms, chickpeas and eggplant give me my "chew" factor!

So for Presto Pasta Night I served it over a bed of Spinach Couscous from Clic (check out some great recipes) that I found today on my trip to Pete's Frootique where I finally found the fire roasted tomatoes no one else has here in Halifax!

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Yumm it must have tasted delicious.